...makes me who I am?

Faith counts most! It is the outline of my being.
And I think it is also true in every person who consider, and/or even to those who unknowingly considering faith as an influential factor in their lives. Some men purposeth to live because of their faith and some giving up their lives, or worst killing their fellows simply because of faith.

I do not do the same, for I live in a good faith!

Now that I am grown enough, I am able to reach Korea under the same sky as in the Philippines. Koreans look like pinoys too, dalawa rin ang paa, may mga kamay din sila, ilong, at may dalawa rin silang mga mata na kagaya daw ng sugat na nahiwa ng blade... he he!!
Everytime I see the beauty of Korea, I am so amazed and drived me to appreciate more God's work and how He is gentle and kind to man. And when I see people roaming around the streets, malls, and in everywhere I go, witnessing how they live their lives... This drives me to appreciate God's work in my life and how he more loves me because I am not the same as others do. I have wisdom and understanding on God's words and in these I live my life with a purpose. I am certain of where I am heading for...
and I thank God above anything else. With all the hardships and endurance to live each day in Christ. He makes me stronger and a better person as the days passing by...


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