Leaving the Indifference

This was the question I asked to my friend; why are you leaving? He replied, "I can't anymore stand the indifference of good men in this place."

Last night, I was browsing some movies in YouTube. I clicked on a movie entitled, "The Boondock Saints." I haven't seen the whole movie but I had the chance to view the first part of the movie, I heard this phrase; "indifference of good men," so I decided to write this article because I remember my friend whom I first heard those words.

He is a good man, if the barometer of good morality is the motive or intent of a will, indeed he is. That's how I knew him. My friend cares much the other people more than he cares his personal concerns. He does good things quietly though there were times that he cannot hide them, yet he doesn't seek recognition nor hungry for accolades. I believe that the desire for the feeling of importance and be appreciated is a human nature. It is a way to value one's self and a self-motivator. He told me that he likes it but doesn't want it. He simply hates appreciation.

I learned that he did a lot of services to other people. He made sacrifices and let to lose mundane opportunities. He has the best job among the others. A lofty position which is really hard to achieve but he simply let it go. He was telling me about another kind of gain but I couldn't simply understand what he was trying to say. Gain after those losses? Good opportunities come and they will never come back the same as they were. Then why he let them go? Well, that I don't understand. Indeed, he is an altruist.

He is man who takes pride in the achievement of others and who finds sanctuary in others' holiness. That was noble but it was crazy. I visited him one time; I knew before he moved to Incheon City where his work was located he was staying in the capital for two years and taking the subway for two hours every day to work. I was the one who advised him to move in an apartment near to his work but he refuses at first because he couldn't leave his brethren in the capital despite of greater expenses. When he moved to the new apartment, he simply told me there were indifferences he has to flee from the capital so he decided to move.

He moved into a not so humble apartment. I remember the apartment was near to the Bucheon station. I asked him how long he has been staying there. He said, "for three months." But he stayed in another apartment at the other side of the station for two months after he moved from the capital. He then transferred to his new apartment because it was better than the previous one. He was paying for his new apartment of quite expensive amount but he finely affords it because he earns a lot from his teaching job. He was earning at least eighty thousand pesos a month. He told me, "If I have just saved some amount of money from my job and if I have just moved earlier, I might have more than a million pesos in my Philippine bank account." Of course you do, I replied. He simply shrugged off. "I don't! I have to help my brethren." Out of my naughty interest, I inquisitively asked a lot of questions about what he was doing. He was simply reserved in his answers avoiding words of commendation from me because he knows that every time I hear his good deeds I am lavish in my praise and hearty in my approbation. He simply appreciates my words but he doesn't want to hear them.

The day I visited him he was preparing a remittance paper to Africa. He was helping some African people whom he never met. He said the payoff was the fulfillment that he helped people who are in need, that he brought smiles to the sorrowful and that eases at least a little pain of their sufferings. And that was bliss to him. I saw how he carefully writes information in the remittance paper and his love he used to wrap the package he sent; it was simply wonderful and amazing. He taught me a secret how to do a divine thing; he said, "it must be done with a happy heart. It is not because it's merely the right thing to do neither the dictate of the moral law, but rather you're happy to do the right thing no matter how it takes." He said; that was the absolute and pure good will of a person. He told me that in every iota of each act must be done in charity. I have not seen tenderness like that to a friend. He dearly loves his brethren and his brother Botchoy whom he takes proud of and grateful in his stories.

On the second time I visited him. I sensed a melancholy around him. He said, he was thinking of leaving the country where he spent the most beautiful days of his life. I asked him the reason, he simply said, "I can't stand the indifference of good men. This bothers me much which my spirit can't be calm by doing nothing and watching things the way they are." He was disturbed by the inequities of people whom he believed as good men. So he wanted to flee because he can't do anything to correct them as if they are more powerful in position than him. I know his words are allegories. The thing I know about the "indifference of good men" is the sins of omission which the people have to fear most. It is when the good men stand by and do nothing to stop the ones who are actively doing what is wrong. Though they do not commission the wrongdoing but they are behaving in an evil way just as much the ones physically doing the wrong thing. Thus, reminds me the saying, "All is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing."

From then on, I have never seen my friend again. He left the country for more than a year now. He opted for peace of mind than enjoying the mundane pleasures in a rich country. He is a person who speaks in abstract in most of our conversations but I wish to understand him more because I am always learning from him. I miss you bro Jonas!


Impeachment verdict

Now, after the judgment has been rendered. Will you not wonder why the Philippines is classified as a third world country? And, why the Philippines is one of the most corrupt nations in the world? 

People have just witnessed how liars prosecute and judge their fellow liar. I do not say all of them are liars but most of them. I believe that Corona is guilty of not declaring his entire assets, liabilities and networks but it doesn't constitute an impeachable offense because it is not considered as a high crime as provided by the letters of the constitution. Corona admitted the inaccuracies in his SALN, same as the admission of President Bill Clinton to the American people in the US Impeachment Court of his inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky yet the US Senate ruled that the charge was not impeachable offense. Clinton was acquitted.
If the senator judges based their decisions on evidence and laws they might have acquitted the Chief Justice. I'm not against to the verdict that the senator-judges have made. I personally find Corona not an ideal Chief Justice. I suspect he wasn't cooperative to his defense counsels because his actions and statements when he testified in the impeachment court were served the interest of the prosecutions and not on his side. Corona made several irrelevant statements in his narration hoping that he might capture the public by appealing to emotion in presumption that the public is the real judge to the impeachment case but he forgot that the ones who will render decisions are the representatives of the public, the senator-judges, who have their personal perceptions. Non bigoted lawyers will say that Corona's privilege testimonies were not helpful to him and I guess it wasn't rehearsed with his counsels.
The employee of the court administratively punished by the Supreme Court for non-disclosure of the complete SALN was not in parity to an impeachment case. The constitution limits the offenses for impeachment to the following: culpable (maliciously intentional) violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust. By the aforementioned offenses, it is clear that the case of an employee of a court who was dismissed because of not declaring the stall in a market in the SALN is not in parallel to the conditions or offenses as mentioned in the constitution to an impeachment case aside from the fact that the court employee was not an impeachable official of the government.
Though I have not seen the entire proceedings this afternoon and not yet heard all the speeches of the senator-judges about their decisions but I heard some of them while I’m on the road. Some of the senator-judges mentioned about conscience as their guidance in their decisions. I wonder what kind of conscience they're talking about whether it could be a good or hypocritical conscience. Legal judgment guided by conscience must come along with the law of reasons which our constitution provides; otherwise it may tarnish its quality. I believe for the fact that most of the two-legged crocodiles in the legislative department of this government do not exercise good conscience for not declaring their entire assets, liabilities and networks as how the respondent CJ did in his SALN whom they have now convicted. If our constitution tells that inaccuracy in the declaration of SALN mandates an outright removal from public office there would be a handful of government officials left in the service, not even the prosecutors and senator-judges will be spared.
I reiterate, I do not say that I do not agree to their verdict against the Chief Justice. I do ask; are all the representatives of the people in the senate sited as impeachment court competent enough to make legal and rightful judgment based on their experiences, knowledge and abilities? I do not think so. I also witnessed how the people's representatives from the congress fashioned desperate measures to dress up their charges against the Chief Justice and the defense counsels have successfully counteracted them using their impressive wits on laws.
I do not wonder why this country is hardly rising from poverty. This nation is mostly governed by officials who are two-legged crocodiles. For as long as the people will not learn how to put good leaders into powers, this country will perpetually buried into poverty. Imagine electing somebody into congress or senate whose function is to make laws but doesn't know about making laws and ignorant of the Constitution? Casting a vote only based on popularity? This is why the political seats are deluged by showbiz clowns. Wake up people! I say, some of the senators are not well-learned and experienced about the letters and substance of the laws and under-trained about legislation neither court judgment. They may be the extension of the people for they have been elected by the people but their voices and actions are not at all times a representation of the will of the learned people. They do their personal decisions and most of the time people can't do anything to protest against their decisions.
In other words, I say, people need to learn to vote wisely in the upcoming senatorial election. Elect senators who are not basing their judgment because of political interest. I suspect that some of them know that if they render judgment in favor to the respondent CJ they will not get support from the government in the upcoming senatorial elections. People should elect legislators who stand by the mandate of the letters of the constitution not on the amount of funds from PDAF (pork barrel) neither the security for political ambition.
Enough to the sufferings of my countrymen!
Therefore, I move to make my personal verdict that the two-legged crocodiles in the senate and congress are GUILTY for graft and corruption. And they should be punished by a ruthless law and dump to jail in some distant planet with no reception bar ever, and then buried into hell with a penalty not later than eternity. LOL ;D


Si Corona tinanggalan ng corona bilang punong mahestrado ng Korte Suprema dahil sa kasalanang hindi naman impeachable. Hindi ko sinasabing walang pagkakasala si Corona dahil hindi naman sya perfecto gaya ng lahat ng congressman at senador. Ang hindi nya pagdedeklara ng kompletong SALN ay isang pagkakamali na inamin naman nya.

Ang hindi pagdedeklara ng tama at kompletong SALN ay impeachable offense ba? Ang saligang batas ng Pilipinas ay nagsasaad ng antas ng mga pagkakasala na maaaring magawa ng isang impeachable official. Hindi lahat ng nagtratrabaho sa gobyerno ay impeachable officials kundi ang mga nasa matataas na katungkulan lamang. Ang antas ng mga pagkakasala na isinasaad ng saligang batas ay matatas sapagkat ang impeachment at isang mataas na klase ng pagpaparusa sa isang mataas na kawani ng gobyerno. Kung kaya’t nararapat na ang antas ng pagtimbang o pagsukat sa paglabag ukol sa impeachment ay kailangang mataas din ang antas na gaya ng mga sumusunod; culpable (maliciously intentional) violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust. Ang di tamang pagdedeklara ng SALN ay di man lang kapantay ng alinmang pagkakasala ng isinasaad sa saligang batas upang ang isang kawani ng gobyerno ay hatulang nagkasala sa isang impeachment court.

Sabi ng ilang mga senator-judges, “bakit yung isang kawani ng korte ay hinatulan ng Korte Suprema na tanggalin sa tungkulin dahil sa hindi pagsasaad ng tama sa kanyang SALN?” Tandaan natin na Korte Suprema ang humatol at hindi Impeachment Court, magkaibang klase ng Korte sapagkat magkaibang antas ng paglabag bagaman pareho ang klase ng pagkakasala na gaya ng kay Corona. Sapagkat kung pareho lang ang antas ng parehong klase ng pagkakasala ay dapat hindi na kinailangan pa ng saligang batas na bumuo ng Impeachment Court.

Kung ang pobre ay dayain mo ng isang libong piso at ang isang milyonaryo ay dayain mo ng isang libong piso. Magkaiba yun sa antas o grado ng epekto. O kaya, pag ang isang pobre ay bigyan mo ng isang libong piso at ang isang milyonaryo ay bigyan mo rin ng isang libong piso. Magkaiba ang mararamdam nila. Magkaiba ang sukat na gagamitin ayon sa klase ng pagsusukatan bagaman pareho ang itsura ng susukatin. Ganoon din ang itinatadhana sa ating saligang batas.

Ang impeachment ay pagpataw ng isang lifetime na parusa. An impeached public official cannot run to any public position at his lifetime. Hindi kagaya ng isang empleyado ng korte na pinatawan ng administrative dismissal ngunit maaari pa rin syang magtrabaho sa ibang serbiyong pampubliko.

Nakakatuwang isipin na ang isang senator-judge na walang alam sa batas gaya ko at hindi bihasa sa sukat at bisa ng saligang batas ay hahatol sa punong mahestrado ng Korte Suprema. Saan kaya nya ibabatay ang hatol niya? Ayon ba sa kanyang akala lamang at hindi ayon sa alituntunin na sinasabi ng saligang batas? E papaanong magbabatay sya ng tama sa saligang batas kung may sarili syang interpretasyon nito? Isa itong kababalaghan! Ahahah! Ang pagtingin ng bihasa at ng hindi bihasa sa batas ay magkaiba. Maaaring magkapareho sa isang punto ngunit ang hindi bihasa ay hindi nakakakita ng kabuuan o pasikot-sikot ng teritoryo ng saligang batas. Ang hindi bihasa sa batas ay maaaring hahatol lamang sa ibabaw ng bagay na nakita at narinig nya ngunit ang bihasa ay hahatol base sa lalim, luwang, haba o sukat ng mga bagay na nakita at narinig nya. Hindi ako magtataka kung si Miriam Defensor Santiago na isang International Court Judge at isang eksperto sa batas ay ma-high blood na naman dahil sa kabobohan sa pagbaba ng mga hatol ng kapuwa nya senador.

Kung nakita mong si Juan ay sinuntok ni Pedro ay hindi mo dapat basta-basta hahatulan na si Pedro ang may sala. Hindi dahil ang nakita mong nabugbog ay si Tulfo ay agad mo nang hahatulan na ang may kasalanan ng gulo ay ang kampo ni Santiago. Dapat mo munang alamin ang puno’t dulo, ang dahilan, at ebidensya ng mga pangyayari bago magbigay ng hatol. Sapagkat ganun ang tamang paghatol. May sukat ang batas na dapat sundin, hindi dapat hahatol na wala sa sukat na isinassad ng saligang batas.

Nagkasala si Corona sa hindi nya pagdedeklara ng 80 million pesos at 2.4 million dollars sa kanyang SALN. Impeachable na ba agad sya? Una, impeachable offense nga ba yun? Pangalawa, ano ang dahilan bakit hindi nya idineklara? Pangatlo, yaong mga ebidensya na iprinisenta ng prosecution laban sa akusado, base sa alituntunin ng Korte, katanggap-tanggap ba? Ito ang mga dapat alamin bago magbaba ng hatol laban sa punong mahestrado upang ang hatol ay maging patas at makatotohanan ayon sa bisa ng ating saligang batas.

Ang hirap pala mag-explain sa tagalong, masyadong mahaba at masalimuot. Ehehe!

Conclusion na lang agad…

Ang hatol ko… Corona is GUILTY for a mistake of not declaring his accurate SALN but it is not an impeachable offense according to the constitution.


My disagreement to Hawking's Disbelief to the Existence of God

After watching the video about "Curiosity with Stephen Hawking, did God Create the Universe?" I write this personal deduction:


I totally disagree with Hawking about his disbelief to the existence of the Creator. Although, in some point I agree to his explanation about the origin of the universe but this drives me more to firmly believe about the existence of my God.


The beginning of the material creation which the theory of science calls it the ‘big bang’ was not simply an explosion and not everything appeared by accident. If the Earth is a little bit nearer to the sun, human will get toasted by the heat and if a little farther from the sun we also can't survive, the earth will be frozen. He is a loving Creator who made the Earth as our place of abode in a very exact balance in the laws of nature that human can biologically live. Therefore, there is a definite order of the creation of the universe.


The astrophysical universe with its governing laws has been carefully fashioned by a prudent God. A Creator who is not governed by time, space and physics which He created, furthermore, He dictates laws into His creations.


I conform to the scientific explanation stated on the video about the origin of the universe but I also believe that God exists even before the existence of the universe. Indeed, time didn't exist before the big bang because God is not covered or governed by time. God causes ‘nothing’ into something which where the big bang then the universe originated. And from there, God caused time as well.


The theory explains that big bang existed from nothing, and time didn't exist in nothing but only when the big bang occurred. Then as space and energy existed, time also goes along. That was true! This has been logically and scientifically explained in analogy about the black hole where energy, space and time can't exist because of unspeakable amount of force in it which is so dense.


I believe that even in the black hole which science tells us that time and existence of matter and space cease. There's still the existence of something which the science also calls it gravity(force). So, in the black hole is not absolutely nothing but there is a force and a gateway into eternity where time, space and matter do not exist nor they may be considered as governing elements but the forces of spirits like God.


I want to leave a pint of hint to Hawking and his supporters about the existence of something which is not bounded by space and time; the mind with its function to imagination. My mind can imagine my presence in Pluto or in the remotest galaxy in the universe in a twinkling of an eye. The same principle applies to spiritual beings. Matter doesn’t matter them neither the distances of space nor the duration of time.


I remember a friend of mine when she was in need of help and some good people around her were not able to offer a hand but to utter prayers for her rescue. I strongly believe that when they murmured prayers speedily striking out, passing across the edges of the universe alarming even an angel of God wandering at the farthest star in the universe, prayers were answered by God and my friend has been rescued in the quickest moment.


This is a thing which is faster than the speed of light not calculated by Einstein, a whisper of prayer by an upright man reaching up beyond the universe. Therefore, every time you pray to the spirit God, distance doesn't matter.


The more I explore the principles and complexity of science, the further proves the existence of a certain force who is my Creator!

I’ll just expound this article later…


Air Pollution in Manila, burns me out!

Since I arrived in the Philippines last month, I began learning to acclimate myself to this country. I simply feel the necessity to make things around me not to cause misery for myself.

I'm stuck signing a job contract here which I must go through for a few months. I am bound to study while being paid. It is a pretty good thing though, but there are just some things here in Manila which I have to endure while taking the privilege.

If you are a person who loves people, Manila is the place to be. You can see people everywhere. On the bridge, beside the bridge or under it. Name whatever place, people are messing around. Mess, in the sense that you can't find public order as you can see in abroad. This is a country with a population of more than ninety million. Welcome to a huge pandemonium!

In Korea, I saw places like ghosts towns because most of the people are not on the streets instead they're busy for work in their offices. In Manila, desperate ghosts are scattered along the streets staring at me while walking through and love to criticize saying "so nice to rob the imported bag of this f***ing handsome boy." ahahha, no further words to that...

The thing which I hate most is the polluted air in Manila. It is beyond human right to breathe. It's an explicit form of dehumanization against the lower citizens of this country. Actually, fresh air is a some kind of an exotic matter to the people around which means they could hardly distinguish which is fresh and which is not. Seldom to see people who are wearing mask while on the streets unlike in Korea where people are used to wear mask for the purpose as I presumed not to smell the kimchi breath of the next person.

At the most horrible way of adaption, I got no choice but to breathe the same air here. Every time I take the public transportation, it is like breathing inside of a grill house with no exhaust fan ever. While on the streets of Manila like EDSA which is the largest parking lot in the world and you can witness the longest caravan with drivers who are the craziest honkers ever, it's like being a captive in the midst of hundreds of excruciating tobacco smokers.

Wouldn't there be any office responsible to implement the Clean Air Act or whatsoever valid or sane human law to care for the lungs of the people in Manila?

I think those semi-human officials who are responsible to such implementation but not performing their duties instead they only seize the cigarette smokers on the streets and not the chronic smoke belchers namely the cars and buses of the rich. They should be punished together with the monster rich men and addict smoke belchers by an inconsiderate law and dump to jail in some distant planet with no reception bar ever. It's just sucks being on the pandemoniac streets of Manila!

(Sorry for venting out, I just got my sinusitis triggered again by this air pollution.)


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Personal Shouts (PS)

Starting today I'll be using this page of mine to post my personal shouts as regard to my opinions, sentiments, daily notes, tweets, ideas or notions to anything else under the sun or any issues under the nostrils of anyone else... lol! or if you want to post discussions with me --- oh please, you are free!

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1. I hate winter and summer. I like spring and fall.

2. I always enjoy my last class of the day in the academy. It just so fun having conversations to a medical doctor and a neuro surgeon specialist. Who would imagine in this world that I gonna have 2 doctors as my students in the conversational class? lol! And I find it so interesting because our topics are frequently about neurology. It is the field of knowledge which captures my inquisitive interests. eheheh!

3. Kainis, di ako makatulog ngayon Dec. 17. dahil cguro may static charge yung kumot ko. Imagine, I turned off the light in my room then I scratched my hand to my blanket, it sparked! whooaaa!!! e di siempre natuwa naman ako, hinipo ko ng hinipo yung kumot ko, spark naman ng spark.... hahahahhh may static nga? Alam nyo ba na nalaman ko sa kababasa sa Internet na ang so much charges ng static electricity ay nakakapagdulot ng insomia and it has some negative effects sa health ng tao RAW!

4. Unedited po itong mga posts ko, in fairness sa mga critics na makakabasa....

5. Humble yourself not your duty. Learn to greatly value your duty for it cometh from the Great One. Kaya nga Dakilang Tungkulin ang tawag e, hindi hamak na tungkulin.

6. Tungkulin muna bago anything else.

7. Pinakinggan mo pero nagdulot naman ng hindi ikinasigla ng gawain kundi ikinatamlay pa ng grupo, ano ka yun??? halllerr! ke cno pa sya, may titulo man o wala. Hindi sya karapat-dapat pakinggan. Ay, pakinggan mo pala kc baka magtampo kc matampuhin pa naman, wag mo na lang sundin. hahahhah!

8. Assessment lang naman e, ika nga " Your good conscience is a good guide." If you have it.

9. Ang authority o ang titulo minsan nakakabulag yan sa taong hindi maingat at mapaniwalain. Parang espiritu, naihahawa unknowingly sa taong laging bukas. Be vigilant!

10. Ba't kaya ganun? Sometimes I really have to tell things figuratively or symbolically because I can not tell them literally or directly because I do not have physical evidences. huhuhh! But I feel and know them vividly and clearly. Lalo na pag well-calibrated and aking sensor. ehehehe!


11. I personally know that the situation here is vulnerable for a colossal military clash. I have a first hand information from two active commanding officers in the Korean military, one former intelligence officer, locale Koreans, my Korean translator who does the translations for me of the news on TV and officials from the Embassy. I always make sure to have constant communication with these guys. At any hour, a Korean war may happen based on their information which I have been informed. Unfortunately, I work in Dongducheon area, maybe a 2-hour drive to the DMZ near the boundary of North Korea. Dongducheon is the place where one of the American military bases is situated. The military base in Dongducheon is the biggest of its kind where there are 10,000 American soldiers encamping in the area. It is said that their camp here is the first target of bombing if North Korea will decide to launch a full-scale attack against South Korea.

12. Philippine politics?? One of the filthiest professions in the Philippines and greatly honored by the fools.

13. False preachers?? Direct agents of hell, greediest profiteers and also greatly honored by the fools.

14. Kung CEO o brgy captain ka, e ano alam mo sa computer operations? Ano alam mo sa technical aspect ng broadcasting? E ano pakialam mo kung anong sabon ang gustong gamitin ng taga-linis sa inidoro? Hindi dahil sa sakop mo cla, e pati yung technical operation and management pakikialaman mo. Kaya nga hindi lahat ng tinawag ay puro mangmang kasi kelangan may ipwesto sa mga technical aspects na may kaalaman sa mga ganung bagay. Kahit mataas ang posisyon mo, hindi lahat ng bagay alam mo. Ika nga, matuto ka lang ipwesto ang sarili mo, tao ka na. Pinakialaman mo sila, ayan tuloy laging palpak ang team nila. Talaga nga naman ang tiisin, oo!!!

Cornick accent

A happy early morning. Oopss! It's already 3:54 in the morning and I can't get to sleep. I'm still browsing on Youtube watching the discussions about the alledged insult of Ms. Lee Da-Hae, a famous Korean actress, to the Filipino accent in English.

First, let me eat a mouthful of boy bawang cornick. lol! My apology to Hermana, I get your boy bawang cornick on the fridge. I'll just change it on Sunday at the locale GW. ehehe..

Going back to the topic..

Wait, another crunches of mouthful cornick! :D

Oh my, I can't stop eating it... Yummy!

Gulp...gulp!! grape juice.

I'm full.

It's just so fun watching the posted videos on Youtube about the discussions on English accent of Filipinos. Many of us reacted to the video clip of Ms. Lee Da-Hae making fun of the Filipino accent in English in one of the KBS talkshow programs. Well, let me clear first. I'm not a sensitive person about this issue neither stupidly insensitive about the real score on how Filipinos speak in English.

But why are many Filipinos badly reacted to the video clip of Ms. Lee Da-Hae on how she believed as imitating the Filipinos speaking in English?

She did it incorrectly. lol! And that's the truth.

If she just have imitated perfectly as how Pacquaio articulate in English. Probably, the Filipinos will laugh with her but imposing a totally different and exotic accent to Filipinos. That will certainly raise the eyebrows of some sensitive Filipinos. Filipino comedians also spoof foreign dialects. Like the "dibidi (DVD)" of the Bombay or the accent of the "Intsik." But the Filipino comedians are not arrogantly exaggerating them. They really sound as that.

Another mistake of Ms. Lee Da-Hae was when she posted an apology to her twitter account. She said that she wasn't imitating only the Filipino accent but pertaining to the Southeast Asia as a whole. Whooaaat?

Smoke from the nostrils, like a bull!

Didn't she heard that one of the hosts said "Pilipin" (Philippine)? Hayssh, pabuyaa! ganda mo pa naman, hmmp.. :D

Following the analysis of some of the Filipino critics whom their nostrils are likely belching smoke because of anger to what Ms. Lee Da-Hae did which was aggravated by her apology as an escapegoat and denial. Ms. Lee Da-Hae didn't even perfectly use the rightful American accent nor the British accent especially neither the Filipino-English accent in her spoof to that show. I think she did a 'cornick' accent. She sounded like having a teaspoon of cornick in her mouth. pes beh wed yo! Oh, really? Just watch the videos and discussions on Youtube. I don't want to dissect the issue on my page but if there'll be anyone who would like to make a challenge on this. If Ms. Lee Da-Hae perfectly used any of the foreign accents, which I disagree, then I'll pause my busy clock just to give time to answer any disputant.

Focusing more to the balance side...

To say it in extreme, no matter how everyone tells that peoples in the world should go against racism. The sense of being patriotic motivates a sense likely of being racist. Korean people are patriotic as well as other Filipinos. You love your own and we love our own. For you, ofcourse, favor is always go to where you belong. So it's just but normal that people may defend themselves when they are offended. Nonetheless, insulting others is a bad light of racism and everyone is against it. Some Koreans are definitely racists as also some Filipinos are. Every race has their qualities to be proud of and to be ashamed of. Anybody can be like f***in' idiot when feels insulted to what really he is. If it's true, then accept the fact and simply act to move on. If it isn't true, then it's your right to protest.

Like the comments I read from Youtube, "pick a random Filipino guy from the streets of Iloilo then pick a random Korean from the streets of Seoul. Then ask them both to converse with you in English. The Ilonggo would happily oblige, while the Korean would never understand what the fuck you just said. Besides, there are a lot of English teachers in Korea who are Filipino. These Koreans who roused this "accent" issues are fucking idiots. MABUHAY ANG MGA PINOY!!!"

And another comment is this, "Pick a random Filipino guy from the streets of Iloilo then pick a random Korean from the streets of Seoul. Then ask them both to formulate a mathematical problem. The Korean would happily oblige, while the Filipino would fucking scratch his balls. Besires there are a lot of Koreans who have more guts than lazy ass Filipinos. These Filipinos who are balat sibuyas are fucking idiots."

You see that reality?

The fact is, we are peoples on the planet Earth and we have our differences. Don't make fun of other races imputing things totally different on them. Accept the things of what really we are then make up on it to make things better or rather help each other to make this world a better place to live in.

ehehe, puyat na talaga ako.. bukas ko na i-edit 'to pag sinipag ako, nyt! nyt!

Have a good day folks!


Annyong hi

This might be my farewell article to my brethren. Though I admit that the feeling of solitary sadness is lingering around my being for it may be the time to say goodbye. I have one sign left for me to stay to change this decision of leaving. But the propaedeutical signs of farewell are in abundance. If it's either be a direct or permissive will; that I don't know but one thing is for sure, it is for my own good and I thank Him for that.

Since my old days, I really hate changes when I'm not sure what will come. Transition might bring pains and sorrows and gladness at the end. This is natural to every person to feel because everyone has emotions, the deep limbic system of the brain functions. Everybody loves gladness and joy as long as the pleasure circuitry in the brain is not associated in the pain circuitry. Then, life would be wonderful to enjoy with full of smiles and happiness. But reality never ceases its principle that changes are part of life. I just hope for better changes. The consequences of not having subjected into these challenges will be a hard time to recover and see the bright future at the dawn.

A day has morning and night. A time to smile and a time to frown. A time to laugh and a time to mourn. A time to say hello and a time to say goodbye. As one of the jokes of my friend, he's sad when he's full because it will lead him to hunger but he's happy if he has an empty stomach because that will lead him to be satiated. At that byword, happiness is constituted when assurance of what will good to come is conclusive. Otherwise, the hard time of farewell will never flunk. I pray that this decision will not be a permissive will due to my stubbornness but will be a part for the betterment to come along.

It was the year 2005 when I met my wonderful brethren here. They are people who are full of smiles and well-spirited. In Yongmasan then, it was the locale when they enter the place nobody wants to leave. It will be a great loss to miss the laughters and joy inside the locale. The abundance of goodness and brotherly kindness are perpetual in every moment. After the working days of hard labor from the company we all looking forward that Sunday will come and see each other again. And wishing that the day after Sunday will be another Sunday. A day for the gathering and the restday of our body and soul. Those days were the most wonderful moments of my stay in this country.

After some time, I was entrusted of a duty of being a treasurer of KKTK then I started to value every penny of our collections then I became treasurer of the locale. In this duty, I have seen the goodness of my Lord. In how He's helping me to faithfully fulfill my task despite the hardships and challenges along the way. Though I say that I am not worthy to this duty, I have seen that He indeed appointed me into this. And I thank Him above anything else for that. I have witnessed a lot of miracles in fulfilling my duty. There were moments that I knew that it was impossible to survive but at thin line of instance He did something which marvels me a lot. Then He does it every time.

When the UNTV Korea was organized I focused most of my time dedicating myself to every work that I can do for the great task, same as with the food committee. I don't know how to explain. It's just like something drives me to do these things. It's like, there is a power inside that energizes the willingness to work out the task and be faithful in it. It is a power that teaches me how to love my duties and my brethren.

Speaking of UNTV Korea, I am so thankful with this team. Though, our work is suppose to be focused in broadcasting but we have extended almost everything related to IT and consequently for divinity. Our duly service to the Church. In our team, we consolidate our abilities; we share to each other our skills. In His help of course. Nothing good will be possible without His guidance. I have seen in this group, brethren who are so dedicated to their tasks. I have seen their willingness to work, their passion, and their care. I could say that I am not even worthy to be one among them. ("I salute them with a holy kiss." Rom. 16:16) I just wish that this team which I have focused much of my time and reason of many sacrifices in my time past will continue to grow for the service-sake in the Church.

I do say, I have done nothing. He was the one who did everything. Words may not be enough to explain but I wish that others may also recognize and appreciate how GOD is good to everyone especially to my brethren in Korea.

I did a lot of things which were permissive will. Perhaps, most of the time I fail the direct will. That's how stubborn I am. I may not good and not even better to anyone among them. I just await for a crumb of mercy from Him which may fall upon me, that is why I try my very best to spend even the least opportunity that I have to faithfully do my duty and service to my brethren. I know that there are a lot of things to do here. I personally know how, the means and the way to make them happen but I feel that my time is over and I am not the one assigned to complete them. My task here might be nigh to end and it is time to get new assignments. Though this is a very difficult moment for me but I have faith to my GOD that He leads me where I must go, to hope for the things I have not seen nor reckoned with. It is faith that directs where I am heading. I have to admit that it's so difficult to bear leaving lovely things behind and enduring afflictions ahead. Faith dictates me, "greater things await there, where I must go, and I shouldn't fail."

Rom 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

I have learn to love my duties and to love my brethren. They have been part of my life. I enjoyed their smiles and their laughters are sweet music to my ears. Their devotions are like golden pearls on a silver bason greatly valued by the Father in heaven. They are indeed astoundingly precious beings. And I am so glad and thankful to GOD that I met them along my journey.

In every step forward there is always a footprint left behind. There were beautiful memories listed in our hearts, others may forget but they will remain in the history of our lives forever. I will treasure every good moment which I spent with them (my brethren in Korea) even at the time of my resting place will call me to close my eyes. It was so wonderful to spend life with you!

I will heartachingly miss you all. It is just that, the time goes on. It comes and it goes.

As lives of Christians go on, every day is a battle, and a crusade for the sake of goodness. Every day brings opportunity to do good for my brethren and people around me. Everyday allows good chances to follow GOD's will. But chances and opportunities may cease.

Facing what tomorrow shall bring is like calculating what would be at the end of the road whether I could rightly finish my course or not. Guessing of what happiness and sorrow which may come along the way makes a reminder that the vitality of holding steadfast to the good faith is a must in order to survive.

A life of joys and sorrows. A Christian life, indeed.

Everyday has a lesson to comprehend, as everything has a good value to appreciate. All are magnificent works of GOD. The fall of a leaf from a stem and the spring of a new born life, it's so wonderful to know how GOD is protecting us and teaching us the things we ought to understand.

Every time I realise how lucky I am, I am so thankful to GOD because I've been a part of those good things that have passed. But I'm not proud of myself, pondering why a worthless person like me has been a part of glorious works. I am like an almsman dressed up of a fashioned clothes invited to dine with fine people, tasted their perfect wine and have indulged with their laughters and joy. And I have heard their stories how they have been made fine and good beings, and they are my brethren. Then I say, they are indeed deserving for such reward. But me, I should be thankful of the left-overs from my Lord's table. Valuing every moment I spend with His servants, making up the most in every inch I walk with them. No matter what would be my end, I pray that a crumb of mercy from GOD may fall upon me.

I thank GOD for everything!

(time for me to go to McDo, tomguts npo ko e, hirap talaga magsulat at mag-emote, heheh!!!) :D

Reading the unspoken words

I might say that I am a neophyte in this field of knowledge, but in the field of its practice I didn't know that I've been into it more tacitly in about a decade. Lately, especially in the past few months when I had much time spending in the subway trains of Seoul where I travel almost 3 hours every weekday. I used to read books about neuropsychology. Books written by mostly are neurologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. I hooked into the study of brain functions, its physiology and the mind reading concepts of Mr. Goleman and Mr. Amen. The science of mind reading which stretches out that our brains in a society are wired and can be interconnected.

As you use your cell phone in a wireless manner, same as the brain has an invisible connection of message transmissions and interconnections. The unspoken words can easily be detected and deciphered by using the functions of brain and mind power.

If I had known this information when I was in college, I might have dropped my engineering course and pursued neuropsychiatry or neuropsychology. Well, speaking of college courses I've been always wanted to take many courses and wanted to try different degrees. I wanted to be a doctor since I learned to torture some of the bull frogs in our old house in the countryside. That was when I cooked the frogs, injected formalin, skinned and examined their muscles. It was my zoology class project. I also wanted to be a biologist whereas I had so much perplexity to the "makahiya" plant and wanted to study if that plant has reflexes as bones. It was also my dream to solve the puzzle of "kataka-taka" which means astonishing, a type of succulent plants in my aunt's garden which is easy to be cultivated even without soil. If I had been a biologist I might have changed its name into "di na kataka-taka" (not anymore astonishing). I also wanted to be a nurse, a scientist of NASA, and a lawyer. I recited verbatim the articles two, three and four of the 1987 constitution which my professor challenged me in such skill and promised to grant me a flat 1 grade, and so I did. It was just so shameful for her to admit her loss so she didn't give me a flat 1 but 1.25 grade. I also like to be a president, not just a simple politician but a president of my country! lol. I want to kick the ass of the crap politicians in our country and to exile them to Spratly Islands. Whatever may be, I finished my 5-year course in engineering which in my calculation to the sub-standard type of our country's educational system - a five-year course can be optimized into 3 years and four-year courses into two and a half years. I just hate the educational system in our country. At this time, I ended up as an educator in a foreign land. What a life!

Now, I want to be a neuropsychologist.

If those psychologists and psychiatrists whom I admire could even know the knowledge which I have learned from my preacher, they could have written much more exciting views about mind functions and have moved a little farther from their limits of unexplainable mysteries of human brain functions. They could have explained more the configurations of soul and mind capabilities. The mystery behind the difference between brain and mind. The power behind every human act and behavior. The role of spirit which has dominance over mind and body.

I haven't seen anyone living on earth who has the prowess and cleverness to answer questions related to any field of knowledge than my preacher. Because I trust him, I tweeted him questions related onto this account of knowledge. I was so amazed that he answered as if he already read the books that I read. The books which did not clearly explain the role of spirit. As a reader, I already have a preconceive knowledge to the role of spirit over mind. He answered exactly as how I expected. Aforetime, I heard from him the teachings about spirits, and I only verified the veracity of the facts written in the books of Goleman, Amen, and Sacks. It was just so amazing to have his short answers and they're concisely definite and true.

Heb 5:13-14 "For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."

The skill of being able to discern things or perceive information from other's brain has in every person. Of course, the skill is much more advance to those who are well-informed to the words of God which in this area failed to examine by the wise scientists, psychologists, and neuropsychiatrists of all times. Learning the knowledge from the Holy Scriptures which has a towering information pertaining to invisible senses, could bring any curious neuropsychologist into a wider and more definite explanations of mysteries respecting brain, mind, and soul.

The skill of senses is a natural gift from our Creator. This is essential for our social survival. A troop’s captain let his men approach the uncivilized tribe in a mountainous area in Africa. They were out to offer help for the tribe but the warriors in the village reacted violently ready to attack the soldiers as they were approaching. The captain immediately shouted to his men to kneel down their one knee and their rifles pointed to the ground. Then he commanded to his men to smile. Then the warriors one by one responded into their smiles putting down their arms. Shouting, clapping, and the tribe were seemed so glad to receive visitors. Then the soldiers slowly retreated from the tribe's village. No one was hurt in that incident.

The captain's prowess to give the order to his men to kneel into their knees and smile and slowly retreat has been a wise outcome of his brain calculations and senses. He unwittingly calculated by his consciousness and sub-consciousness the unspoken words of fight and terror from the tribe's faces and reactions. Thus, he knew the possible responses of their gestures. Information is immediately processed in his mind, lighting up the complex interconnections of his brains, sending signals among his brain cells in a supersonic speed. Thus, the captain immediately shouted an order to his men which has saved lives.

The ability to sense a lie when your partner is talking about where he was last night, if your child tells exactly what he did to your stuff, or if someone is dubitably being true unto you. This skill can be learned and exercised. We all have the basic or instinct gift of deciphering the unspoken words in the brain & mind of our fellow, but some people have tried not to spend much time scrutinizing and exercising this innate skill. Knowledge is the answer to all types of ignorance.

I will not dissect the specifics of brain and mind functions in this single article. Or else it's gonna be so tiring to read a single and long write-up though. lol. In my next posts, I will try to share more in details on how to decode the unspoken words in the brain. Starting from every major part of the brain, their functions, and the behavioral studies of human emotions. The power of smile and the mystery behind a simple greeting or the magnificence of a short message from someone you love. GW!

Have a nice day folks!

Honesty Store

Did you know that in Batanes Island the only place in the Philippines where has an almost zero crime rate throughout the year, there is a humble store called as Honesty Coffee Shop?

No one is manning the store and the owner only drops occasionally throughout the day. It is open to everyone with all the goods. Also, coffee and cups provided with hot water in thermos laid out inside the store. All prices are properly tagged in each product so that you may know how much to pay. There is a drop box where you will put your money and get your change. Just leave it to your conscience if you will pay or not, that is why it is called HONESTY Store.

But do you know that such kind of virtue is not only in Batanes, Philippines?

Here in the Locale of Uijeongbu, South Korea, known as the KKTK Store is selling different types of Philippine goods and Korean products. Store-in-charge who are KKTK members do the inventory every Sunday night. Since brethren are taught with christian doctrines, not a single product is feared to be looted. When the brethren are buying products they sometimes pay more than the tagged price for they know that all profits of the KKTK Store is donated for charity works. The store generates an average of 20,000 pesos monthly earnings and supports an orphanage in the Philippines.


The above article which I wrote in mcgikorea website 2 years ago reminds me where the COP Store came from. There's no KKTK Store at this time, it is now called the COP Store manned by the COP & Food Committee members in the Locale of Uijeongbu. Last week, we had the coffee vending machine. We were so excited to make it into operation because it will be the first time to have such machine in the store. Just a 200 won, presto! a hot instant yummy coffee is ready to sip in a small cup. Unfortunately, we didn't know how to set the machine for 200 won. The brethren downstairs knew that even without dropping the coins and just pressing the buttons will make the machine serve coffee. I suggested to simply post a notice that the machine is an honesty vending coffee maker. Just drop the coins even before or after pressing the button. lol!

Though KKTK Store is now called the COP Store in Uijeongbu. The same principle is still being carried out. It serves a lot for charity. I thank the Lord for all the brethren supporting the cause of the Store.



Alright! I'll go straight on this issue. I wasn't good at photo editing. Luckily, I have some computer wizard friends who are able to download from the Internet any kinds of software available in the planet. I got copies of course. I have all sorts of Adobe softwares and one of them which I find it so exciting to spend time in my lazy hours is the Adobe Photoshop. lol!

Perhaps, everybody in the world in the circle of my comrades know how to use this software. Well, there was nothing like that in the wild where I was stuck into. Lol! Perhaps, I've been left out in the techo savvy of computer softwares. Going back to the year when CS4 Extended has been introduced in 2008. This software is really awesome. I can do almost everything with my photos. Though, I haven't finished the tutorials and I still have 10 sets more to go. The five sets of tutorials which I just finished are the Interface, Bridge, Basics, Selections, and Layers. One good thing in these tutorials are very easy to follow because per video tackles only a portion of important aspect in CS4.

The CS4 version of Adobe Photoshop has more signifant features compare to any other versions of Adobe Photoshops. It has an auto-alignment of layers, dramatically enhanced color correction which I find it very nice. The adjustments panel, auto-blending of images, and masks panel are captivating features of CS4 including the OpenGL display acceleration and smoother panning, zooming and fluid canvas rotation. I just wish I could master the usage of all these new features of the Stonehenge.

Photo editing is virtually same as the video editing. Manipulation for enhancement is the objective. I have done much of video editing. I was bored of it so I have quitted. Of course I still use my Corel Video software for my video editing since that was the only video editing software I was using every time I do a news video entry from UNTV Korea. Pinnacle and Sony Vegas have some better features than the Corel or Ulead.

Speaking of UNTV Korea, I am so thankful with this team. Though, our work is suppose to be focused in broadcasting but we have extended almost everything related to IT and consequently for divinity. Our duly service to the Church. In our team, we consolidate our abilities, we share to each other our skills. In His help of course. Nothing good will be possible without His guidance. I just wish that this team which I have focused much of my time and reason of many sacrifices in my time past will continue to grow for the service-sake in the Church. As oxytocin and dopamine, the pleasure inducing chemicals are inundating the reward circuitry of our brains. Thus, we are faithfully performing the duty not for any pay off which will come but for a crumb of His mercy which may fall upon us. We will remain in His help as unworthy and meek servants having pleasures in doing the sacred tasks in the Church.

I don't wanna end this article with a humble touch. This is suppose to be about photoshop.

Now, let me go back to Adobe Photoshop. lol!

To the folks out there who would like to try CS4 I would recommend the extended version of the Stonehenge which is compatible to Mac OS and Windows. Basic version of CS4 has nicer features compare to the previous versions of Adobe Photoshop but I would prefer the extended version of it. I would say it is better than the latest CS5. Of course, if there is an extended version of CS4 why stick on the basic?

The extended CS4 has an easier data collection analysis and a breakthrough 3D editing. It also has enhance motion graphics and volume rendering which you couldn't find in other versions of photoshop.

To those who are wondering what CS means. It's Creative Suite which means an editing software in graphic, video, and web applications made by Adobe Systems.

Have a nice day folks!


La Hermana

The first time I met her more than three years ago, I knew she has something in her. She was not a stranger to us, she's not of different kind. She's one of us. I was so delighted talking to a foreigner who was a visitor in our locale. Though at that time she was wearing jeans and having make ups. I remember we were in the kitchen area of the Locale of Yongmasan sitting near at the mirror on the wall. The reflector is like of Cinderella Story dated back in a century old because the mirror really looks so pristine.

She's sober and meek in conversation which gave me an impression that she's a kind of person who is not coldhearted to share about the righteous faith. She's very open-minded and very patient. Possessing such an impressive behaviour which usually observed to people who really have the calling in the Church. And indeed she has.

After few weeks, she became our sister-in-faith. Of course, as angels in the heaven were having feast of joy because of the new souls in the day of their baptism, so mostly same unto us. It was the first time that we have a Spanish sister in our locale.

It wasn't been hard for her to monitor the topics in our gatherings because she has been furnished of English transcriptions. Though, I sometimes try to monitor the live Thanksgiving with the English translations. I know that the English translations are not verbatim translated as how it was spoken in Tagalog but after the service when we talk about the topic. She knows exactly as how we understood in Tagalog. Then I realized, it is not indeed solely in words we learn, but most importantly in the guidance and teachings of the Spirit we understand the flow of righteousness.

I even tried one time to monitor a prayer meeting topic with English subtitle. I muted the audio and I only read the subtitle. That is how Hermana is doing in every service we have. She's hardly able to understand Tagalog because she is a Spanish, but at least she is equipped in English language. As the topic is almost done, the tears fell down from my eyes, I felt the spirit of the topic as I peruse every line of the English subtitle of the prayer meeting. Then I remember Hermana. That is how she does.

I thank GOD for all of these.

Hermana doesn't know how to speak in Tagalog. She could hardly understand us when everybody around her in the locale are speaking in Tagalog. Howbeit, she still goes with us. She smiles when everyone is smiling. She laughs as we laugh. She cry as we cry. She endures things as we also do in other things. She feels what we feel.

She is our sister-in-faith.

Let me say that one more time with gladness, in Christ, she is our sister-in-faith!

We're so sorry for our shortcomings to you, Hermana. When there were times that you felt you were not part of us because you don't understand everyone around you talking in Tagalog at the locale. How I wish that everybody could be able to speak English well in the locale - when English speaking is not a matter of laughing stuff to Filipinos.

We also smile when you smile. We also laugh when you laugh. We cry when you cry. We also feel what you feel. We are glad to be your brethren in the Church.

All brethren in their hearts want to reach out to you. We do care! It just that we could hardly express in English words what we really wanted to say. I speak in these lines in behalf of the brethren in the locale. But we hope that you feel, we really care. Though you are a Spanish but actually you are more learned in English speaking unlike we do. Whatever will be, the language of love is the most important medium of communication to Christians than any other languages. And we all know that. We speak of the same language.

Belated happy birthday Hermana!

We hope that you are always doing well in faith. Having the happy heart and a jolly mood at all times!

Welcome each day with thanksgiving to the Lord, with smile, a 10-minute smiling - no stopping. Just do this in every morning after your early prayer, it will surely make your day full of energy and well spirited. heheh!

Think of all the blessings from the Lord, from every little thing you have. Starting from... Miggy? hmmm! From every brethren, each glance, each strength, each smile you can make --- imagine a person who can't smile :(((( horrible isn't it?

Those little good things make you blessed.

And the great reasons to be thankful: We have a sound mind! Like a sound check?(with a microphone). We're thankful, we were called into the Church. Be thankful, we have learned the truth, we have found the way.

Thanks to GOD, we are not astray, we're not blind. We see truth, we know the path of righteousness through our faithful preachers. So lucky are we!

It's so nice to live, a life with GOD, a life with faithful preachers, a life with knowledge to the truth, a life with the brethren, a life with friends, a life with smiles, a life with bro. Frank? (your sweety), with the food committee - a chance to do good for the brethren.

Be thankful and be happy in each day!

We love you hermana!

Gracias a Dios!

Hola! Ariba! Ariba!

buenas dias noche buenas kutsaritas de kutsaras silya sibuyas ala kasilyas buenos tardes amigo de amigas amor patria de adorada hasta la vista adios!!! :D



Last night after doing my routine of jogging at the park I watched the three episodes of the Departures Series. The third episode was in Japan after they toured around the isolated island of Ascension where Justin has been broke up by his girlfriend in Hawaii. Uh, I really enjoy watching Departures. It's just like travelling around the world with those three adventurous and talented voyagers. Andre, the cameraman has impressed me so much how he does the shooting and photography. Stunningly impressive. The hosts are brill crazy tandem. Scott is earnest and very talented in doing the narration while Justin is like a crazy clown who does the comic for the show. The show has a perfect packaging for entertainment to people who love exploration.

The city of Tokyo is pretty much the same as the city of Seoul. Though, other people say that Tokyo is one step ahead of Seoul. I'm not sure about that info because I haven't been there personally. But staying and working in Seoul is somewhat likely having the taste and experience of how Tokyo life is. One of the Japanese girls who toured them around the city of Tokyo admitted that the city is very tough for living. It was the same statement told to me by one of my officemates. In Tokyo, they work 11 hours a day with only 2 days of rest in a month. It's unbelievable isn't it? Well, that is something ordinary norm for those who live and work in Tokyo as well as those who are in Seoul. The work style in Korea is also the same in Japan. They say that Japanese are more industrious than Koreans but they work in the same mode. They are crazy laborers. They work for very long hours. Really punitive and exhausting! Such a stressful lifestyle!

In Seoul, some students are studying in school from 8 o'clock in the morning until they finished their studies in the academy at 10 o'clock in the evening. Sometimes, when they are cramming for their major exams they stay in the academy until 12 midnight then wake up at 7 o'clock in the following morning for another exhausting and aching day of study. Sounds crazy but that's the way how they spend their school days.

That Japanese girl said; she's working 11 hours in their office pretending as if she really likes her job and love her company. lol! Is it the same thing as how Koreans do in our office? Hahahh.. Sounds funny but it is the real thing. The only pay off for the hard work is perhaps the competitive compensation on the payday. Luckily, I don't work for 11 hours in our office neither 8 hours. It's gonna be so exhausting for me. At this time, I do my work for almost two hours a day then I need to stay at the office for another three boring hours staring to my PC reading all the news in the Net then after the crippling boredome of three hours I go home.

Basically, I do 5 hours in my work place. It was almost the same thing when I was working in a call center. Whooaa! I was like a salesman on the telephone who never stop rapping like a jeepney barker in Quiapo. The only rest is the little comfort of swallowing saliva to lubricate my throat when the person on the other line does much of talking and complaints. It was so disgusting especially when I handle continuously irate callers. At the end of the day, I am already an irate person too. I usually go out of the floor and roam around the Ortigas Plaza. A six hours of work handling numerous irate callers and a two hours of stroll. Terrible!

In 2005, the time when the politics in our country were so much deluged in unspeakable shame of graft and corruption. The time when being a politician is like a ignominious profession but it was publicly accepted because the common people were helpless in such kind of government. I left the country and went to Korea. I was thrown out in the city of Ansan. Atlas! free from the wicked government but not from the wicked society. In Ansan, I've seen people from my country who are like psychopathic birds freed from their cages. They screw each other. They change sex partners as if they're changing shirts. I remember a woman who looks like Ina Raymundo a sexy star when she turns her back but looks like Ina Ni Jaya when she shows off her face. And she changes her partner every 3 months! What a shit cow, how could she do that? All I know is one of my co-workers was her victim. Yakks.. so abominable! If there could be a city in Korea where I wouldn't like to see again. It is there! I never visited that place since I moved.

In 2005 was my first time to experience working 12 hours a day when I landed a job in an electronics factory in Korea. Could you imagine that agonizing long hours of work? In fact, some people in Korea work 24 hours a day. I remember an instance when my boss was comforting my back while I was sitting on my post doing the inspection at my machine in the twelf-hour of my work in that day. He knew that I was typically exhausted because I really don't like overtime. The malicious intention of the massage was to ask me a favor if I could continue my work for another 12 hours because one of the workers to serve for the next shift is absent. Whooaat?? It was like the stars are rumbling in my head. What the heck is that? I hastily left my work place and bid no goodbye to my boss. Anyway, I don't do Korean greetings neither saying goodbye after work. I was barely ask for resignation on that moment.

I admire those people who are really industrious and terribly hardworking. People who work more than 12 hours a day in seven days a week with only one or two holidays in a month. They are worthy for a noble commendation. Though, I may say that kind of work style is a crazy stuff. Because it's like punishing their ownselves, and I bet that their salaries they earn will not be enough to cover a medical compensation when they reach the verge of self-abuse.

But is it really the sense of being industrious or hardworking that matters? Or it's because of having no option of convenient and better career to pursue? The pay off is that they're earning money for their families which they couldn't earn even if they will work 24/7 in a crooked government of Pinas. Whatever may be, we are adaptable beings capable in any form of work for survival. And surviving in a competitive and tough work style in Tokyo or in Seoul is like having an ability to surpass living to any other work places in the world, just like what the Japanese girl said in the Tokyo episode of Departures.

Have a nice day folks!