Sometimes I wonder

Under the skies...

Sometimes I wonder, why it's difficult to let people understand the Truth? Will you say, there might be a flaw on the way of telling it? Or the disgusting thing is that some people really do not want to perceive it? They are blind or they are really made blind. Understanding of the truth deserves to those who are chosen ones. Nonetheless, there are reasons on all things under the skies and in all circumstances of man's life. We may not know it!

Tell me...

How could you convince people that sugar is bad to their health if it pleases their taste buds? Or cigarette smoking is bad to their health if it serves their delectation? Or drinking alcohol doesn't add anything good to their person? Or convincing them that their god is not the real God?

Worshipping a false god who doesn't even hear them and can not see them. A numb god made up of illusion to whom they cry and utter their plea but really not in existence as they do believe in.

How you convince them? When their wishes are achieved but their gratitude is to their false god whom they believe have provided it?

There the dirty game of evil is.

The proliferation of deceit in faith!

How could you tell a blind that you're holding a light when he doesn't see anything but darkness? Unless he will trust and believe...

I say, scrutinize your faith. Don't easily believe on things which are not supported by scientific evidences and biblical proofs. Stand on faith which you are fully aware of.

Can you blame a man if he is fool? When the luck is right under his nose and he still can't see it? I blame who made him fool. Then I curse!


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