The feeling of anxiety and solitary sadness a propaedeutical sign of farewell which I felt almost four years ago when I left Capitol is the same thing that I have now in my senses. The same words I said before, "I need to move on" because the Lord has called me in where I am now, is also the same instance and wondering at the present what next ahead of me.

Last night, my friend has her status message at her yahoo id saying "have the feeling of loosing something great." I sent a message answering her quotation, "I have lost many great things in life but greater things are coming by." She answered and said, "yeah, but sometimes its hard to simply let it go." I did not reply her about it because the same goes in me.

I came in this beautiful Peninsula not to have red wine on my table nor dine with the fine people in a society of men. But because my Lord has let me to be here for a noble purpose which I need not to mention. And I will leave this Peninsula without having a single drop of red wine on my cup but only memories of dining with the finest persons ever lived on earth. I'll go back to the island where I came from almost 3 years ago, without considerable bucks in my pocket but only with my notebook and clothing on my body. And ofcourse, together with the wonderful gifts of memories with my beloved ones here in this Peninsula which I'll treasure even at the time of my resting place will call me to close my eyes. I love you much! Words may just foolish figures but I mean in my heart the divine sense of it. I love you brethren!

I am just a lonely orphan. Am nobody! No one can decipher my heart but my Lord alone. Not myself either. He gave me my duties and all things that I have... He leads me where I must go, hoping for the things I have not seen nor reckoned with. It is faith that directs where I am heading. Though I admit it is so difficult to bear leaving lovely things behind and enduring afflictions ahead. Faith dictates me, "greater things await there, where I must go, and I should not fail."

Whatever it takes, come what may, as long as my Lord stays with me reigning peace in my heart. I will move on making up my steps. And when I say again, goodbye! I know that I have faithfully done my part of duties and I will be saying hello for a greater responsibility. And I shall gladly have it, for my Lord has lead me. So help me GOD!


Anonymous nurr25 said...

I might be a spiderman movie fanatic. I ain't know why. The other day I watched Spiderman 3 and I heard this dialogue which says "whatever comes our way, whatever battle we're raging inside us, we always have a choice, it's our choices who make us who we are, and we can always choose what is right!". I nodded and shrugged. Perhaps, the quotation is true!

I am too confuse if what decision should I make. Friends' advices here, and advices there... Which is which? What should be the right choice? Should I stay or say goodbye?

Pro 16:9 A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

If I have made a wrong choice, I just hope that my Lord will guide me to have all things right...

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