Deo Gratias

I ain't know how could I start to figure out in words the things that I wanted to say. It's like a feeling that is so enormous and uncontainable. It's unspeakable!

I value much the days, weeks, months, and the year 2007 that have passed in my life. It was so wonderful and sacred. When I reminisce those days I can't help but the tears of being so thankful to GOD comes out because He has let me to be a partaker. Thus, I say Deo Gratias!

It is just that, the time goes on. It comes and it goes.

As life of christians go on, every day is a battle, and a crusade for the sake of goodness. Everyday brings opportunity to do good for my brethren and people around me. Everyday allows good chances to follow GOD's will. But chances and opportunities may cease.

Facing what tomorrow shall bring is like calculating what would be at the end of the road whether I could rightly finish my course or not. Guessing of what happiness and sorrow which may come along the way makes a reminder that the vitality of holding steadfast to the good faith is a must in order to survive.

A life of joys and sorrows. A christian life, indeed.

Everyday has a lesson to comprehend, as everything has a good value to appreciate. All are magnificent works of GOD. The fall of a leaf from a stem and the spring of a new born life, it's so wonderful to know how GOD is protecting us and teaching us the things we ought to understand.

Every time I realise how lucky I am, I am so thankful to GOD because I've been a part of those good things that have passed. But I'm not proud of myself, pondering why a worthless person like me has been a part of glorious works. I am like an almsman dressed up of a fashioned clothes invited to dine with fine people, tasted their perfect wine and have indulged with their laughters and joy. And I have heard their stories how they have been made fine and good beings, and they are my brethren. Then I say, they are indeed deserving for such reward. But me, I should be thankful of the left-overs from my Lord's table. Valuing every moment I spend with His servants, making up the most in every inch I walk with them. No matter what would be my end, I pray that a crumb of mercy from GOD may fall upon me.


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