Liberian refugees in Ghana

These Liberian women who were in protest has been harassed by the Ghanaian police and illegally detained for weeks without due process of law. Their sentiments have been ignored by the UNHCR and the Government of Ghana.

I posted this video to spread the awareness by informing the world community that there are Liberian people starving in hunger, deprived of formal education, and suffer persecution in their own country and in the place where they suppose to seek for refuge. So they are raising up their voices to be heard and asking for an aid and fair treatment.

Anyone, please do help!

Contact the main office of the UN in Switzerland and petition for the sake of our Liberian brethren living as refugees in Buduburam Refugee Camp Gomoa Dist. Accra, Ghana. The more voices to support their concerns will bother the UN of not helping these people.

To contact the main office of UNHCR, Switzerland :



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