Invisible YM?

It's Wednesday afternoon and I don't have anything worth to do in the office...

As I online in Yahoo Messenger I find it annoying to reply messages suddenly popping up of my computer screen having the user status invisible. For me, it's just unethical to communicate someone while hiding. I hate talking to a person who doesn't face me. Unless, of course if I'm talking to someone over the phone or to a very close friend. But I really don't like chatters sending me messages in an invisible status.

It's a sign of being indifferent and unrespectful. I guess I deserve such personal view.

But what is the use of having an invisible status to someone like me who can detect your YM and see the avatar photo at your invisible mode?

No use at all!

And this, I want to share to those who are chronic users of Yahoo Messengers especially to those lovers or friends out there chasing someone hiding for a debt and want to monitor somebody whether be online or not.

Setting your status invisible deters any form of bother from chatters in YM. The following may be the reasons why sometimes you go at invisible mode:

First, you're busy and don't want to be distracted by unimportant messengers. I sometimes do this when I'm too occupied accounting bunch of financial records for a report every first week of the month.

Second, you're taking a rest and the only thing you want to do is to stare at the avatar of your added friends and read their status messages. Well, status quotations! Somewhat fancy or may be corny but sometimes a bit touching.

Third, you go invisible to others because you're chatting with a special person and don't want being bothered by not so important messengers.

Forth, the feeling of importance that chatters will go find and beg your attention before you set to available mode then reply to their messages.

Fifth, you're a loner. You better move out and get life!

After all, being at invisible status is totally useless in a reliable YM status tracer. All you have to do is to visit and type-in the YM ID of the person you want to know the status and presto!

Sounds interesting?

Well, that's how simply it is. You can see the avatar and the status whether available, offline, or invisible.

Have a nice day folks!


Anonymous stormvis said...

while no network is 100% secure this may sound quite alarming because the privacy and security of user takes a backseat, but what else s new? with the advent of internet almost anything is possible.since the user always lookout for something new computer experts never stop developing tools and features to enhance their core just to capture the attention of every user and make the site more exciting to them.

im not a chronic user of YM but i must admit with the help of this technology everything is so easy in terms of communication. everytime they a come up with new version the more i find it very user friendly. no one can contest the remarkable benefit of these feature but sad to say while of all us are aliw na aliw,
there is no one who can really police the safety of the user.

7:11 AM  

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