La Hermana

The first time I met her more than three years ago, I knew she has something in her. She was not a stranger to us, she's not of different kind. She's one of us. I was so delighted talking to a foreigner who was a visitor in our locale. Though at that time she was wearing jeans and having make ups. I remember we were in the kitchen area of the Locale of Yongmasan sitting near at the mirror on the wall. The reflector is like of Cinderella Story dated back in a century old because the mirror really looks so pristine.

She's sober and meek in conversation which gave me an impression that she's a kind of person who is not coldhearted to share about the righteous faith. She's very open-minded and very patient. Possessing such an impressive behaviour which usually observed to people who really have the calling in the Church. And indeed she has.

After few weeks, she became our sister-in-faith. Of course, as angels in the heaven were having feast of joy because of the new souls in the day of their baptism, so mostly same unto us. It was the first time that we have a Spanish sister in our locale.

It wasn't been hard for her to monitor the topics in our gatherings because she has been furnished of English transcriptions. Though, I sometimes try to monitor the live Thanksgiving with the English translations. I know that the English translations are not verbatim translated as how it was spoken in Tagalog but after the service when we talk about the topic. She knows exactly as how we understood in Tagalog. Then I realized, it is not indeed solely in words we learn, but most importantly in the guidance and teachings of the Spirit we understand the flow of righteousness.

I even tried one time to monitor a prayer meeting topic with English subtitle. I muted the audio and I only read the subtitle. That is how Hermana is doing in every service we have. She's hardly able to understand Tagalog because she is a Spanish, but at least she is equipped in English language. As the topic is almost done, the tears fell down from my eyes, I felt the spirit of the topic as I peruse every line of the English subtitle of the prayer meeting. Then I remember Hermana. That is how she does.

I thank GOD for all of these.

Hermana doesn't know how to speak in Tagalog. She could hardly understand us when everybody around her in the locale are speaking in Tagalog. Howbeit, she still goes with us. She smiles when everyone is smiling. She laughs as we laugh. She cry as we cry. She endures things as we also do in other things. She feels what we feel.

She is our sister-in-faith.

Let me say that one more time with gladness, in Christ, she is our sister-in-faith!

We're so sorry for our shortcomings to you, Hermana. When there were times that you felt you were not part of us because you don't understand everyone around you talking in Tagalog at the locale. How I wish that everybody could be able to speak English well in the locale - when English speaking is not a matter of laughing stuff to Filipinos.

We also smile when you smile. We also laugh when you laugh. We cry when you cry. We also feel what you feel. We are glad to be your brethren in the Church.

All brethren in their hearts want to reach out to you. We do care! It just that we could hardly express in English words what we really wanted to say. I speak in these lines in behalf of the brethren in the locale. But we hope that you feel, we really care. Though you are a Spanish but actually you are more learned in English speaking unlike we do. Whatever will be, the language of love is the most important medium of communication to Christians than any other languages. And we all know that. We speak of the same language.

Belated happy birthday Hermana!

We hope that you are always doing well in faith. Having the happy heart and a jolly mood at all times!

Welcome each day with thanksgiving to the Lord, with smile, a 10-minute smiling - no stopping. Just do this in every morning after your early prayer, it will surely make your day full of energy and well spirited. heheh!

Think of all the blessings from the Lord, from every little thing you have. Starting from... Miggy? hmmm! From every brethren, each glance, each strength, each smile you can make --- imagine a person who can't smile :(((( horrible isn't it?

Those little good things make you blessed.

And the great reasons to be thankful: We have a sound mind! Like a sound check?(with a microphone). We're thankful, we were called into the Church. Be thankful, we have learned the truth, we have found the way.

Thanks to GOD, we are not astray, we're not blind. We see truth, we know the path of righteousness through our faithful preachers. So lucky are we!

It's so nice to live, a life with GOD, a life with faithful preachers, a life with knowledge to the truth, a life with the brethren, a life with friends, a life with smiles, a life with bro. Frank? (your sweety), with the food committee - a chance to do good for the brethren.

Be thankful and be happy in each day!

We love you hermana!

Gracias a Dios!

Hola! Ariba! Ariba!

buenas dias noche buenas kutsaritas de kutsaras silya sibuyas ala kasilyas buenos tardes amigo de amigas amor patria de adorada hasta la vista adios!!! :D


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