Alright! I'll go straight on this issue. I wasn't good at photo editing. Luckily, I have some computer wizard friends who are able to download from the Internet any kinds of software available in the planet. I got copies of course. I have all sorts of Adobe softwares and one of them which I find it so exciting to spend time in my lazy hours is the Adobe Photoshop. lol!

Perhaps, everybody in the world in the circle of my comrades know how to use this software. Well, there was nothing like that in the wild where I was stuck into. Lol! Perhaps, I've been left out in the techo savvy of computer softwares. Going back to the year when CS4 Extended has been introduced in 2008. This software is really awesome. I can do almost everything with my photos. Though, I haven't finished the tutorials and I still have 10 sets more to go. The five sets of tutorials which I just finished are the Interface, Bridge, Basics, Selections, and Layers. One good thing in these tutorials are very easy to follow because per video tackles only a portion of important aspect in CS4.

The CS4 version of Adobe Photoshop has more signifant features compare to any other versions of Adobe Photoshops. It has an auto-alignment of layers, dramatically enhanced color correction which I find it very nice. The adjustments panel, auto-blending of images, and masks panel are captivating features of CS4 including the OpenGL display acceleration and smoother panning, zooming and fluid canvas rotation. I just wish I could master the usage of all these new features of the Stonehenge.

Photo editing is virtually same as the video editing. Manipulation for enhancement is the objective. I have done much of video editing. I was bored of it so I have quitted. Of course I still use my Corel Video software for my video editing since that was the only video editing software I was using every time I do a news video entry from UNTV Korea. Pinnacle and Sony Vegas have some better features than the Corel or Ulead.

Speaking of UNTV Korea, I am so thankful with this team. Though, our work is suppose to be focused in broadcasting but we have extended almost everything related to IT and consequently for divinity. Our duly service to the Church. In our team, we consolidate our abilities, we share to each other our skills. In His help of course. Nothing good will be possible without His guidance. I just wish that this team which I have focused much of my time and reason of many sacrifices in my time past will continue to grow for the service-sake in the Church. As oxytocin and dopamine, the pleasure inducing chemicals are inundating the reward circuitry of our brains. Thus, we are faithfully performing the duty not for any pay off which will come but for a crumb of His mercy which may fall upon us. We will remain in His help as unworthy and meek servants having pleasures in doing the sacred tasks in the Church.

I don't wanna end this article with a humble touch. This is suppose to be about photoshop.

Now, let me go back to Adobe Photoshop. lol!

To the folks out there who would like to try CS4 I would recommend the extended version of the Stonehenge which is compatible to Mac OS and Windows. Basic version of CS4 has nicer features compare to the previous versions of Adobe Photoshop but I would prefer the extended version of it. I would say it is better than the latest CS5. Of course, if there is an extended version of CS4 why stick on the basic?

The extended CS4 has an easier data collection analysis and a breakthrough 3D editing. It also has enhance motion graphics and volume rendering which you couldn't find in other versions of photoshop.

To those who are wondering what CS means. It's Creative Suite which means an editing software in graphic, video, and web applications made by Adobe Systems.

Have a nice day folks!


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