Honesty Store

Did you know that in Batanes Island the only place in the Philippines where has an almost zero crime rate throughout the year, there is a humble store called as Honesty Coffee Shop?

No one is manning the store and the owner only drops occasionally throughout the day. It is open to everyone with all the goods. Also, coffee and cups provided with hot water in thermos laid out inside the store. All prices are properly tagged in each product so that you may know how much to pay. There is a drop box where you will put your money and get your change. Just leave it to your conscience if you will pay or not, that is why it is called HONESTY Store.

But do you know that such kind of virtue is not only in Batanes, Philippines?

Here in the Locale of Uijeongbu, South Korea, known as the KKTK Store is selling different types of Philippine goods and Korean products. Store-in-charge who are KKTK members do the inventory every Sunday night. Since brethren are taught with christian doctrines, not a single product is feared to be looted. When the brethren are buying products they sometimes pay more than the tagged price for they know that all profits of the KKTK Store is donated for charity works. The store generates an average of 20,000 pesos monthly earnings and supports an orphanage in the Philippines.


The above article which I wrote in mcgikorea website 2 years ago reminds me where the COP Store came from. There's no KKTK Store at this time, it is now called the COP Store manned by the COP & Food Committee members in the Locale of Uijeongbu. Last week, we had the coffee vending machine. We were so excited to make it into operation because it will be the first time to have such machine in the store. Just a 200 won, presto! a hot instant yummy coffee is ready to sip in a small cup. Unfortunately, we didn't know how to set the machine for 200 won. The brethren downstairs knew that even without dropping the coins and just pressing the buttons will make the machine serve coffee. I suggested to simply post a notice that the machine is an honesty vending coffee maker. Just drop the coins even before or after pressing the button. lol!

Though KKTK Store is now called the COP Store in Uijeongbu. The same principle is still being carried out. It serves a lot for charity. I thank the Lord for all the brethren supporting the cause of the Store.


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