Reading the unspoken words

I might say that I am a neophyte in this field of knowledge, but in the field of its practice I didn't know that I've been into it more tacitly in about a decade. Lately, especially in the past few months when I had much time spending in the subway trains of Seoul where I travel almost 3 hours every weekday. I used to read books about neuropsychology. Books written by mostly are neurologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. I hooked into the study of brain functions, its physiology and the mind reading concepts of Mr. Goleman and Mr. Amen. The science of mind reading which stretches out that our brains in a society are wired and can be interconnected.

As you use your cell phone in a wireless manner, same as the brain has an invisible connection of message transmissions and interconnections. The unspoken words can easily be detected and deciphered by using the functions of brain and mind power.

If I had known this information when I was in college, I might have dropped my engineering course and pursued neuropsychiatry or neuropsychology. Well, speaking of college courses I've been always wanted to take many courses and wanted to try different degrees. I wanted to be a doctor since I learned to torture some of the bull frogs in our old house in the countryside. That was when I cooked the frogs, injected formalin, skinned and examined their muscles. It was my zoology class project. I also wanted to be a biologist whereas I had so much perplexity to the "makahiya" plant and wanted to study if that plant has reflexes as bones. It was also my dream to solve the puzzle of "kataka-taka" which means astonishing, a type of succulent plants in my aunt's garden which is easy to be cultivated even without soil. If I had been a biologist I might have changed its name into "di na kataka-taka" (not anymore astonishing). I also wanted to be a nurse, a scientist of NASA, and a lawyer. I recited verbatim the articles two, three and four of the 1987 constitution which my professor challenged me in such skill and promised to grant me a flat 1 grade, and so I did. It was just so shameful for her to admit her loss so she didn't give me a flat 1 but 1.25 grade. I also like to be a president, not just a simple politician but a president of my country! lol. I want to kick the ass of the crap politicians in our country and to exile them to Spratly Islands. Whatever may be, I finished my 5-year course in engineering which in my calculation to the sub-standard type of our country's educational system - a five-year course can be optimized into 3 years and four-year courses into two and a half years. I just hate the educational system in our country. At this time, I ended up as an educator in a foreign land. What a life!

Now, I want to be a neuropsychologist.

If those psychologists and psychiatrists whom I admire could even know the knowledge which I have learned from my preacher, they could have written much more exciting views about mind functions and have moved a little farther from their limits of unexplainable mysteries of human brain functions. They could have explained more the configurations of soul and mind capabilities. The mystery behind the difference between brain and mind. The power behind every human act and behavior. The role of spirit which has dominance over mind and body.

I haven't seen anyone living on earth who has the prowess and cleverness to answer questions related to any field of knowledge than my preacher. Because I trust him, I tweeted him questions related onto this account of knowledge. I was so amazed that he answered as if he already read the books that I read. The books which did not clearly explain the role of spirit. As a reader, I already have a preconceive knowledge to the role of spirit over mind. He answered exactly as how I expected. Aforetime, I heard from him the teachings about spirits, and I only verified the veracity of the facts written in the books of Goleman, Amen, and Sacks. It was just so amazing to have his short answers and they're concisely definite and true.

Heb 5:13-14 "For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."

The skill of being able to discern things or perceive information from other's brain has in every person. Of course, the skill is much more advance to those who are well-informed to the words of God which in this area failed to examine by the wise scientists, psychologists, and neuropsychiatrists of all times. Learning the knowledge from the Holy Scriptures which has a towering information pertaining to invisible senses, could bring any curious neuropsychologist into a wider and more definite explanations of mysteries respecting brain, mind, and soul.

The skill of senses is a natural gift from our Creator. This is essential for our social survival. A troop’s captain let his men approach the uncivilized tribe in a mountainous area in Africa. They were out to offer help for the tribe but the warriors in the village reacted violently ready to attack the soldiers as they were approaching. The captain immediately shouted to his men to kneel down their one knee and their rifles pointed to the ground. Then he commanded to his men to smile. Then the warriors one by one responded into their smiles putting down their arms. Shouting, clapping, and the tribe were seemed so glad to receive visitors. Then the soldiers slowly retreated from the tribe's village. No one was hurt in that incident.

The captain's prowess to give the order to his men to kneel into their knees and smile and slowly retreat has been a wise outcome of his brain calculations and senses. He unwittingly calculated by his consciousness and sub-consciousness the unspoken words of fight and terror from the tribe's faces and reactions. Thus, he knew the possible responses of their gestures. Information is immediately processed in his mind, lighting up the complex interconnections of his brains, sending signals among his brain cells in a supersonic speed. Thus, the captain immediately shouted an order to his men which has saved lives.

The ability to sense a lie when your partner is talking about where he was last night, if your child tells exactly what he did to your stuff, or if someone is dubitably being true unto you. This skill can be learned and exercised. We all have the basic or instinct gift of deciphering the unspoken words in the brain & mind of our fellow, but some people have tried not to spend much time scrutinizing and exercising this innate skill. Knowledge is the answer to all types of ignorance.

I will not dissect the specifics of brain and mind functions in this single article. Or else it's gonna be so tiring to read a single and long write-up though. lol. In my next posts, I will try to share more in details on how to decode the unspoken words in the brain. Starting from every major part of the brain, their functions, and the behavioral studies of human emotions. The power of smile and the mystery behind a simple greeting or the magnificence of a short message from someone you love. GW!

Have a nice day folks!


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