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This might be my farewell article to my brethren. Though I admit that the feeling of solitary sadness is lingering around my being for it may be the time to say goodbye. I have one sign left for me to stay to change this decision of leaving. But the propaedeutical signs of farewell are in abundance. If it's either be a direct or permissive will; that I don't know but one thing is for sure, it is for my own good and I thank Him for that.

Since my old days, I really hate changes when I'm not sure what will come. Transition might bring pains and sorrows and gladness at the end. This is natural to every person to feel because everyone has emotions, the deep limbic system of the brain functions. Everybody loves gladness and joy as long as the pleasure circuitry in the brain is not associated in the pain circuitry. Then, life would be wonderful to enjoy with full of smiles and happiness. But reality never ceases its principle that changes are part of life. I just hope for better changes. The consequences of not having subjected into these challenges will be a hard time to recover and see the bright future at the dawn.

A day has morning and night. A time to smile and a time to frown. A time to laugh and a time to mourn. A time to say hello and a time to say goodbye. As one of the jokes of my friend, he's sad when he's full because it will lead him to hunger but he's happy if he has an empty stomach because that will lead him to be satiated. At that byword, happiness is constituted when assurance of what will good to come is conclusive. Otherwise, the hard time of farewell will never flunk. I pray that this decision will not be a permissive will due to my stubbornness but will be a part for the betterment to come along.

It was the year 2005 when I met my wonderful brethren here. They are people who are full of smiles and well-spirited. In Yongmasan then, it was the locale when they enter the place nobody wants to leave. It will be a great loss to miss the laughters and joy inside the locale. The abundance of goodness and brotherly kindness are perpetual in every moment. After the working days of hard labor from the company we all looking forward that Sunday will come and see each other again. And wishing that the day after Sunday will be another Sunday. A day for the gathering and the restday of our body and soul. Those days were the most wonderful moments of my stay in this country.

After some time, I was entrusted of a duty of being a treasurer of KKTK then I started to value every penny of our collections then I became treasurer of the locale. In this duty, I have seen the goodness of my Lord. In how He's helping me to faithfully fulfill my task despite the hardships and challenges along the way. Though I say that I am not worthy to this duty, I have seen that He indeed appointed me into this. And I thank Him above anything else for that. I have witnessed a lot of miracles in fulfilling my duty. There were moments that I knew that it was impossible to survive but at thin line of instance He did something which marvels me a lot. Then He does it every time.

When the UNTV Korea was organized I focused most of my time dedicating myself to every work that I can do for the great task, same as with the food committee. I don't know how to explain. It's just like something drives me to do these things. It's like, there is a power inside that energizes the willingness to work out the task and be faithful in it. It is a power that teaches me how to love my duties and my brethren.

Speaking of UNTV Korea, I am so thankful with this team. Though, our work is suppose to be focused in broadcasting but we have extended almost everything related to IT and consequently for divinity. Our duly service to the Church. In our team, we consolidate our abilities; we share to each other our skills. In His help of course. Nothing good will be possible without His guidance. I have seen in this group, brethren who are so dedicated to their tasks. I have seen their willingness to work, their passion, and their care. I could say that I am not even worthy to be one among them. ("I salute them with a holy kiss." Rom. 16:16) I just wish that this team which I have focused much of my time and reason of many sacrifices in my time past will continue to grow for the service-sake in the Church.

I do say, I have done nothing. He was the one who did everything. Words may not be enough to explain but I wish that others may also recognize and appreciate how GOD is good to everyone especially to my brethren in Korea.

I did a lot of things which were permissive will. Perhaps, most of the time I fail the direct will. That's how stubborn I am. I may not good and not even better to anyone among them. I just await for a crumb of mercy from Him which may fall upon me, that is why I try my very best to spend even the least opportunity that I have to faithfully do my duty and service to my brethren. I know that there are a lot of things to do here. I personally know how, the means and the way to make them happen but I feel that my time is over and I am not the one assigned to complete them. My task here might be nigh to end and it is time to get new assignments. Though this is a very difficult moment for me but I have faith to my GOD that He leads me where I must go, to hope for the things I have not seen nor reckoned with. It is faith that directs where I am heading. I have to admit that it's so difficult to bear leaving lovely things behind and enduring afflictions ahead. Faith dictates me, "greater things await there, where I must go, and I shouldn't fail."

Rom 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

I have learn to love my duties and to love my brethren. They have been part of my life. I enjoyed their smiles and their laughters are sweet music to my ears. Their devotions are like golden pearls on a silver bason greatly valued by the Father in heaven. They are indeed astoundingly precious beings. And I am so glad and thankful to GOD that I met them along my journey.

In every step forward there is always a footprint left behind. There were beautiful memories listed in our hearts, others may forget but they will remain in the history of our lives forever. I will treasure every good moment which I spent with them (my brethren in Korea) even at the time of my resting place will call me to close my eyes. It was so wonderful to spend life with you!

I will heartachingly miss you all. It is just that, the time goes on. It comes and it goes.

As lives of Christians go on, every day is a battle, and a crusade for the sake of goodness. Every day brings opportunity to do good for my brethren and people around me. Everyday allows good chances to follow GOD's will. But chances and opportunities may cease.

Facing what tomorrow shall bring is like calculating what would be at the end of the road whether I could rightly finish my course or not. Guessing of what happiness and sorrow which may come along the way makes a reminder that the vitality of holding steadfast to the good faith is a must in order to survive.

A life of joys and sorrows. A Christian life, indeed.

Everyday has a lesson to comprehend, as everything has a good value to appreciate. All are magnificent works of GOD. The fall of a leaf from a stem and the spring of a new born life, it's so wonderful to know how GOD is protecting us and teaching us the things we ought to understand.

Every time I realise how lucky I am, I am so thankful to GOD because I've been a part of those good things that have passed. But I'm not proud of myself, pondering why a worthless person like me has been a part of glorious works. I am like an almsman dressed up of a fashioned clothes invited to dine with fine people, tasted their perfect wine and have indulged with their laughters and joy. And I have heard their stories how they have been made fine and good beings, and they are my brethren. Then I say, they are indeed deserving for such reward. But me, I should be thankful of the left-overs from my Lord's table. Valuing every moment I spend with His servants, making up the most in every inch I walk with them. No matter what would be my end, I pray that a crumb of mercy from GOD may fall upon me.

I thank GOD for everything!

(time for me to go to McDo, tomguts npo ko e, hirap talaga magsulat at mag-emote, heheh!!!) :D


Anonymous stormvis said...

your given a choice each day. you can react positively or negatively to the demands made on you, but as long as your persistent in your pursuit and with God's help you will continue to grow. you can't choose the day or time. it happens in its own time.

7:29 AM  

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