Impeachment verdict

Now, after the judgment has been rendered. Will you not wonder why the Philippines is classified as a third world country? And, why the Philippines is one of the most corrupt nations in the world? 

People have just witnessed how liars prosecute and judge their fellow liar. I do not say all of them are liars but most of them. I believe that Corona is guilty of not declaring his entire assets, liabilities and networks but it doesn't constitute an impeachable offense because it is not considered as a high crime as provided by the letters of the constitution. Corona admitted the inaccuracies in his SALN, same as the admission of President Bill Clinton to the American people in the US Impeachment Court of his inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky yet the US Senate ruled that the charge was not impeachable offense. Clinton was acquitted.
If the senator judges based their decisions on evidence and laws they might have acquitted the Chief Justice. I'm not against to the verdict that the senator-judges have made. I personally find Corona not an ideal Chief Justice. I suspect he wasn't cooperative to his defense counsels because his actions and statements when he testified in the impeachment court were served the interest of the prosecutions and not on his side. Corona made several irrelevant statements in his narration hoping that he might capture the public by appealing to emotion in presumption that the public is the real judge to the impeachment case but he forgot that the ones who will render decisions are the representatives of the public, the senator-judges, who have their personal perceptions. Non bigoted lawyers will say that Corona's privilege testimonies were not helpful to him and I guess it wasn't rehearsed with his counsels.
The employee of the court administratively punished by the Supreme Court for non-disclosure of the complete SALN was not in parity to an impeachment case. The constitution limits the offenses for impeachment to the following: culpable (maliciously intentional) violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust. By the aforementioned offenses, it is clear that the case of an employee of a court who was dismissed because of not declaring the stall in a market in the SALN is not in parallel to the conditions or offenses as mentioned in the constitution to an impeachment case aside from the fact that the court employee was not an impeachable official of the government.
Though I have not seen the entire proceedings this afternoon and not yet heard all the speeches of the senator-judges about their decisions but I heard some of them while I’m on the road. Some of the senator-judges mentioned about conscience as their guidance in their decisions. I wonder what kind of conscience they're talking about whether it could be a good or hypocritical conscience. Legal judgment guided by conscience must come along with the law of reasons which our constitution provides; otherwise it may tarnish its quality. I believe for the fact that most of the two-legged crocodiles in the legislative department of this government do not exercise good conscience for not declaring their entire assets, liabilities and networks as how the respondent CJ did in his SALN whom they have now convicted. If our constitution tells that inaccuracy in the declaration of SALN mandates an outright removal from public office there would be a handful of government officials left in the service, not even the prosecutors and senator-judges will be spared.
I reiterate, I do not say that I do not agree to their verdict against the Chief Justice. I do ask; are all the representatives of the people in the senate sited as impeachment court competent enough to make legal and rightful judgment based on their experiences, knowledge and abilities? I do not think so. I also witnessed how the people's representatives from the congress fashioned desperate measures to dress up their charges against the Chief Justice and the defense counsels have successfully counteracted them using their impressive wits on laws.
I do not wonder why this country is hardly rising from poverty. This nation is mostly governed by officials who are two-legged crocodiles. For as long as the people will not learn how to put good leaders into powers, this country will perpetually buried into poverty. Imagine electing somebody into congress or senate whose function is to make laws but doesn't know about making laws and ignorant of the Constitution? Casting a vote only based on popularity? This is why the political seats are deluged by showbiz clowns. Wake up people! I say, some of the senators are not well-learned and experienced about the letters and substance of the laws and under-trained about legislation neither court judgment. They may be the extension of the people for they have been elected by the people but their voices and actions are not at all times a representation of the will of the learned people. They do their personal decisions and most of the time people can't do anything to protest against their decisions.
In other words, I say, people need to learn to vote wisely in the upcoming senatorial election. Elect senators who are not basing their judgment because of political interest. I suspect that some of them know that if they render judgment in favor to the respondent CJ they will not get support from the government in the upcoming senatorial elections. People should elect legislators who stand by the mandate of the letters of the constitution not on the amount of funds from PDAF (pork barrel) neither the security for political ambition.
Enough to the sufferings of my countrymen!
Therefore, I move to make my personal verdict that the two-legged crocodiles in the senate and congress are GUILTY for graft and corruption. And they should be punished by a ruthless law and dump to jail in some distant planet with no reception bar ever, and then buried into hell with a penalty not later than eternity. LOL ;D


Si Corona tinanggalan ng corona bilang punong mahestrado ng Korte Suprema dahil sa kasalanang hindi naman impeachable. Hindi ko sinasabing walang pagkakasala si Corona dahil hindi naman sya perfecto gaya ng lahat ng congressman at senador. Ang hindi nya pagdedeklara ng kompletong SALN ay isang pagkakamali na inamin naman nya.

Ang hindi pagdedeklara ng tama at kompletong SALN ay impeachable offense ba? Ang saligang batas ng Pilipinas ay nagsasaad ng antas ng mga pagkakasala na maaaring magawa ng isang impeachable official. Hindi lahat ng nagtratrabaho sa gobyerno ay impeachable officials kundi ang mga nasa matataas na katungkulan lamang. Ang antas ng mga pagkakasala na isinasaad ng saligang batas ay matatas sapagkat ang impeachment at isang mataas na klase ng pagpaparusa sa isang mataas na kawani ng gobyerno. Kung kaya’t nararapat na ang antas ng pagtimbang o pagsukat sa paglabag ukol sa impeachment ay kailangang mataas din ang antas na gaya ng mga sumusunod; culpable (maliciously intentional) violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust. Ang di tamang pagdedeklara ng SALN ay di man lang kapantay ng alinmang pagkakasala ng isinasaad sa saligang batas upang ang isang kawani ng gobyerno ay hatulang nagkasala sa isang impeachment court.

Sabi ng ilang mga senator-judges, “bakit yung isang kawani ng korte ay hinatulan ng Korte Suprema na tanggalin sa tungkulin dahil sa hindi pagsasaad ng tama sa kanyang SALN?” Tandaan natin na Korte Suprema ang humatol at hindi Impeachment Court, magkaibang klase ng Korte sapagkat magkaibang antas ng paglabag bagaman pareho ang klase ng pagkakasala na gaya ng kay Corona. Sapagkat kung pareho lang ang antas ng parehong klase ng pagkakasala ay dapat hindi na kinailangan pa ng saligang batas na bumuo ng Impeachment Court.

Kung ang pobre ay dayain mo ng isang libong piso at ang isang milyonaryo ay dayain mo ng isang libong piso. Magkaiba yun sa antas o grado ng epekto. O kaya, pag ang isang pobre ay bigyan mo ng isang libong piso at ang isang milyonaryo ay bigyan mo rin ng isang libong piso. Magkaiba ang mararamdam nila. Magkaiba ang sukat na gagamitin ayon sa klase ng pagsusukatan bagaman pareho ang itsura ng susukatin. Ganoon din ang itinatadhana sa ating saligang batas.

Ang impeachment ay pagpataw ng isang lifetime na parusa. An impeached public official cannot run to any public position at his lifetime. Hindi kagaya ng isang empleyado ng korte na pinatawan ng administrative dismissal ngunit maaari pa rin syang magtrabaho sa ibang serbiyong pampubliko.

Nakakatuwang isipin na ang isang senator-judge na walang alam sa batas gaya ko at hindi bihasa sa sukat at bisa ng saligang batas ay hahatol sa punong mahestrado ng Korte Suprema. Saan kaya nya ibabatay ang hatol niya? Ayon ba sa kanyang akala lamang at hindi ayon sa alituntunin na sinasabi ng saligang batas? E papaanong magbabatay sya ng tama sa saligang batas kung may sarili syang interpretasyon nito? Isa itong kababalaghan! Ahahah! Ang pagtingin ng bihasa at ng hindi bihasa sa batas ay magkaiba. Maaaring magkapareho sa isang punto ngunit ang hindi bihasa ay hindi nakakakita ng kabuuan o pasikot-sikot ng teritoryo ng saligang batas. Ang hindi bihasa sa batas ay maaaring hahatol lamang sa ibabaw ng bagay na nakita at narinig nya ngunit ang bihasa ay hahatol base sa lalim, luwang, haba o sukat ng mga bagay na nakita at narinig nya. Hindi ako magtataka kung si Miriam Defensor Santiago na isang International Court Judge at isang eksperto sa batas ay ma-high blood na naman dahil sa kabobohan sa pagbaba ng mga hatol ng kapuwa nya senador.

Kung nakita mong si Juan ay sinuntok ni Pedro ay hindi mo dapat basta-basta hahatulan na si Pedro ang may sala. Hindi dahil ang nakita mong nabugbog ay si Tulfo ay agad mo nang hahatulan na ang may kasalanan ng gulo ay ang kampo ni Santiago. Dapat mo munang alamin ang puno’t dulo, ang dahilan, at ebidensya ng mga pangyayari bago magbigay ng hatol. Sapagkat ganun ang tamang paghatol. May sukat ang batas na dapat sundin, hindi dapat hahatol na wala sa sukat na isinassad ng saligang batas.

Nagkasala si Corona sa hindi nya pagdedeklara ng 80 million pesos at 2.4 million dollars sa kanyang SALN. Impeachable na ba agad sya? Una, impeachable offense nga ba yun? Pangalawa, ano ang dahilan bakit hindi nya idineklara? Pangatlo, yaong mga ebidensya na iprinisenta ng prosecution laban sa akusado, base sa alituntunin ng Korte, katanggap-tanggap ba? Ito ang mga dapat alamin bago magbaba ng hatol laban sa punong mahestrado upang ang hatol ay maging patas at makatotohanan ayon sa bisa ng ating saligang batas.

Ang hirap pala mag-explain sa tagalong, masyadong mahaba at masalimuot. Ehehe!

Conclusion na lang agad…

Ang hatol ko… Corona is GUILTY for a mistake of not declaring his accurate SALN but it is not an impeachable offense according to the constitution.


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