My disagreement to Hawking's Disbelief to the Existence of God

After watching the video about "Curiosity with Stephen Hawking, did God Create the Universe?" I write this personal deduction:


I totally disagree with Hawking about his disbelief to the existence of the Creator. Although, in some point I agree to his explanation about the origin of the universe but this drives me more to firmly believe about the existence of my God.


The beginning of the material creation which the theory of science calls it the ‘big bang’ was not simply an explosion and not everything appeared by accident. If the Earth is a little bit nearer to the sun, human will get toasted by the heat and if a little farther from the sun we also can't survive, the earth will be frozen. He is a loving Creator who made the Earth as our place of abode in a very exact balance in the laws of nature that human can biologically live. Therefore, there is a definite order of the creation of the universe.


The astrophysical universe with its governing laws has been carefully fashioned by a prudent God. A Creator who is not governed by time, space and physics which He created, furthermore, He dictates laws into His creations.


I conform to the scientific explanation stated on the video about the origin of the universe but I also believe that God exists even before the existence of the universe. Indeed, time didn't exist before the big bang because God is not covered or governed by time. God causes ‘nothing’ into something which where the big bang then the universe originated. And from there, God caused time as well.


The theory explains that big bang existed from nothing, and time didn't exist in nothing but only when the big bang occurred. Then as space and energy existed, time also goes along. That was true! This has been logically and scientifically explained in analogy about the black hole where energy, space and time can't exist because of unspeakable amount of force in it which is so dense.


I believe that even in the black hole which science tells us that time and existence of matter and space cease. There's still the existence of something which the science also calls it gravity(force). So, in the black hole is not absolutely nothing but there is a force and a gateway into eternity where time, space and matter do not exist nor they may be considered as governing elements but the forces of spirits like God.


I want to leave a pint of hint to Hawking and his supporters about the existence of something which is not bounded by space and time; the mind with its function to imagination. My mind can imagine my presence in Pluto or in the remotest galaxy in the universe in a twinkling of an eye. The same principle applies to spiritual beings. Matter doesn’t matter them neither the distances of space nor the duration of time.


I remember a friend of mine when she was in need of help and some good people around her were not able to offer a hand but to utter prayers for her rescue. I strongly believe that when they murmured prayers speedily striking out, passing across the edges of the universe alarming even an angel of God wandering at the farthest star in the universe, prayers were answered by God and my friend has been rescued in the quickest moment.


This is a thing which is faster than the speed of light not calculated by Einstein, a whisper of prayer by an upright man reaching up beyond the universe. Therefore, every time you pray to the spirit God, distance doesn't matter.


The more I explore the principles and complexity of science, the further proves the existence of a certain force who is my Creator!

I’ll just expound this article later…


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