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Starting today I'll be using this page of mine to post my personal shouts as regard to my opinions, sentiments, daily notes, tweets, ideas or notions to anything else under the sun or any issues under the nostrils of anyone else... lol! or if you want to post discussions with me --- oh please, you are free!

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1. I hate winter and summer. I like spring and fall.

2. I always enjoy my last class of the day in the academy. It just so fun having conversations to a medical doctor and a neuro surgeon specialist. Who would imagine in this world that I gonna have 2 doctors as my students in the conversational class? lol! And I find it so interesting because our topics are frequently about neurology. It is the field of knowledge which captures my inquisitive interests. eheheh!

3. Kainis, di ako makatulog ngayon Dec. 17. dahil cguro may static charge yung kumot ko. Imagine, I turned off the light in my room then I scratched my hand to my blanket, it sparked! whooaaa!!! e di siempre natuwa naman ako, hinipo ko ng hinipo yung kumot ko, spark naman ng spark.... hahahahhh may static nga? Alam nyo ba na nalaman ko sa kababasa sa Internet na ang so much charges ng static electricity ay nakakapagdulot ng insomia and it has some negative effects sa health ng tao RAW!

4. Unedited po itong mga posts ko, in fairness sa mga critics na makakabasa....

5. Humble yourself not your duty. Learn to greatly value your duty for it cometh from the Great One. Kaya nga Dakilang Tungkulin ang tawag e, hindi hamak na tungkulin.

6. Tungkulin muna bago anything else.

7. Pinakinggan mo pero nagdulot naman ng hindi ikinasigla ng gawain kundi ikinatamlay pa ng grupo, ano ka yun??? halllerr! ke cno pa sya, may titulo man o wala. Hindi sya karapat-dapat pakinggan. Ay, pakinggan mo pala kc baka magtampo kc matampuhin pa naman, wag mo na lang sundin. hahahhah!

8. Assessment lang naman e, ika nga " Your good conscience is a good guide." If you have it.

9. Ang authority o ang titulo minsan nakakabulag yan sa taong hindi maingat at mapaniwalain. Parang espiritu, naihahawa unknowingly sa taong laging bukas. Be vigilant!

10. Ba't kaya ganun? Sometimes I really have to tell things figuratively or symbolically because I can not tell them literally or directly because I do not have physical evidences. huhuhh! But I feel and know them vividly and clearly. Lalo na pag well-calibrated and aking sensor. ehehehe!


11. I personally know that the situation here is vulnerable for a colossal military clash. I have a first hand information from two active commanding officers in the Korean military, one former intelligence officer, locale Koreans, my Korean translator who does the translations for me of the news on TV and officials from the Embassy. I always make sure to have constant communication with these guys. At any hour, a Korean war may happen based on their information which I have been informed. Unfortunately, I work in Dongducheon area, maybe a 2-hour drive to the DMZ near the boundary of North Korea. Dongducheon is the place where one of the American military bases is situated. The military base in Dongducheon is the biggest of its kind where there are 10,000 American soldiers encamping in the area. It is said that their camp here is the first target of bombing if North Korea will decide to launch a full-scale attack against South Korea.

12. Philippine politics?? One of the filthiest professions in the Philippines and greatly honored by the fools.

13. False preachers?? Direct agents of hell, greediest profiteers and also greatly honored by the fools.

14. Kung CEO o brgy captain ka, e ano alam mo sa computer operations? Ano alam mo sa technical aspect ng broadcasting? E ano pakialam mo kung anong sabon ang gustong gamitin ng taga-linis sa inidoro? Hindi dahil sa sakop mo cla, e pati yung technical operation and management pakikialaman mo. Kaya nga hindi lahat ng tinawag ay puro mangmang kasi kelangan may ipwesto sa mga technical aspects na may kaalaman sa mga ganung bagay. Kahit mataas ang posisyon mo, hindi lahat ng bagay alam mo. Ika nga, matuto ka lang ipwesto ang sarili mo, tao ka na. Pinakialaman mo sila, ayan tuloy laging palpak ang team nila. Talaga nga naman ang tiisin, oo!!!


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