Air Pollution in Manila, burns me out!

Since I arrived in the Philippines last month, I began learning to acclimate myself to this country. I simply feel the necessity to make things around me not to cause misery for myself.

I'm stuck signing a job contract here which I must go through for a few months. I am bound to study while being paid. It is a pretty good thing though, but there are just some things here in Manila which I have to endure while taking the privilege.

If you are a person who loves people, Manila is the place to be. You can see people everywhere. On the bridge, beside the bridge or under it. Name whatever place, people are messing around. Mess, in the sense that you can't find public order as you can see in abroad. This is a country with a population of more than ninety million. Welcome to a huge pandemonium!

In Korea, I saw places like ghosts towns because most of the people are not on the streets instead they're busy for work in their offices. In Manila, desperate ghosts are scattered along the streets staring at me while walking through and love to criticize saying "so nice to rob the imported bag of this f***ing handsome boy." ahahha, no further words to that...

The thing which I hate most is the polluted air in Manila. It is beyond human right to breathe. It's an explicit form of dehumanization against the lower citizens of this country. Actually, fresh air is a some kind of an exotic matter to the people around which means they could hardly distinguish which is fresh and which is not. Seldom to see people who are wearing mask while on the streets unlike in Korea where people are used to wear mask for the purpose as I presumed not to smell the kimchi breath of the next person.

At the most horrible way of adaption, I got no choice but to breathe the same air here. Every time I take the public transportation, it is like breathing inside of a grill house with no exhaust fan ever. While on the streets of Manila like EDSA which is the largest parking lot in the world and you can witness the longest caravan with drivers who are the craziest honkers ever, it's like being a captive in the midst of hundreds of excruciating tobacco smokers.

Wouldn't there be any office responsible to implement the Clean Air Act or whatsoever valid or sane human law to care for the lungs of the people in Manila?

I think those semi-human officials who are responsible to such implementation but not performing their duties instead they only seize the cigarette smokers on the streets and not the chronic smoke belchers namely the cars and buses of the rich. They should be punished together with the monster rich men and addict smoke belchers by an inconsiderate law and dump to jail in some distant planet with no reception bar ever. It's just sucks being on the pandemoniac streets of Manila!

(Sorry for venting out, I just got my sinusitis triggered again by this air pollution.)


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