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A happy early morning. Oopss! It's already 3:54 in the morning and I can't get to sleep. I'm still browsing on Youtube watching the discussions about the alledged insult of Ms. Lee Da-Hae, a famous Korean actress, to the Filipino accent in English.

First, let me eat a mouthful of boy bawang cornick. lol! My apology to Hermana, I get your boy bawang cornick on the fridge. I'll just change it on Sunday at the locale GW. ehehe..

Going back to the topic..

Wait, another crunches of mouthful cornick! :D

Oh my, I can't stop eating it... Yummy!

Gulp...gulp!! grape juice.

I'm full.

It's just so fun watching the posted videos on Youtube about the discussions on English accent of Filipinos. Many of us reacted to the video clip of Ms. Lee Da-Hae making fun of the Filipino accent in English in one of the KBS talkshow programs. Well, let me clear first. I'm not a sensitive person about this issue neither stupidly insensitive about the real score on how Filipinos speak in English.

But why are many Filipinos badly reacted to the video clip of Ms. Lee Da-Hae on how she believed as imitating the Filipinos speaking in English?

She did it incorrectly. lol! And that's the truth.

If she just have imitated perfectly as how Pacquaio articulate in English. Probably, the Filipinos will laugh with her but imposing a totally different and exotic accent to Filipinos. That will certainly raise the eyebrows of some sensitive Filipinos. Filipino comedians also spoof foreign dialects. Like the "dibidi (DVD)" of the Bombay or the accent of the "Intsik." But the Filipino comedians are not arrogantly exaggerating them. They really sound as that.

Another mistake of Ms. Lee Da-Hae was when she posted an apology to her twitter account. She said that she wasn't imitating only the Filipino accent but pertaining to the Southeast Asia as a whole. Whooaaat?

Smoke from the nostrils, like a bull!

Didn't she heard that one of the hosts said "Pilipin" (Philippine)? Hayssh, pabuyaa! ganda mo pa naman, hmmp.. :D

Following the analysis of some of the Filipino critics whom their nostrils are likely belching smoke because of anger to what Ms. Lee Da-Hae did which was aggravated by her apology as an escapegoat and denial. Ms. Lee Da-Hae didn't even perfectly use the rightful American accent nor the British accent especially neither the Filipino-English accent in her spoof to that show. I think she did a 'cornick' accent. She sounded like having a teaspoon of cornick in her mouth. pes beh wed yo! Oh, really? Just watch the videos and discussions on Youtube. I don't want to dissect the issue on my page but if there'll be anyone who would like to make a challenge on this. If Ms. Lee Da-Hae perfectly used any of the foreign accents, which I disagree, then I'll pause my busy clock just to give time to answer any disputant.

Focusing more to the balance side...

To say it in extreme, no matter how everyone tells that peoples in the world should go against racism. The sense of being patriotic motivates a sense likely of being racist. Korean people are patriotic as well as other Filipinos. You love your own and we love our own. For you, ofcourse, favor is always go to where you belong. So it's just but normal that people may defend themselves when they are offended. Nonetheless, insulting others is a bad light of racism and everyone is against it. Some Koreans are definitely racists as also some Filipinos are. Every race has their qualities to be proud of and to be ashamed of. Anybody can be like f***in' idiot when feels insulted to what really he is. If it's true, then accept the fact and simply act to move on. If it isn't true, then it's your right to protest.

Like the comments I read from Youtube, "pick a random Filipino guy from the streets of Iloilo then pick a random Korean from the streets of Seoul. Then ask them both to converse with you in English. The Ilonggo would happily oblige, while the Korean would never understand what the fuck you just said.´╗┐ Besides, there are a lot of English teachers in Korea who are Filipino. These Koreans who roused this "accent" issues are fucking idiots. MABUHAY ANG MGA PINOY!!!"

And another comment is this, "Pick a random Filipino guy from the streets of Iloilo then pick a random Korean from the streets of Seoul. Then ask them both to formulate a mathematical problem. The Korean would happily oblige, while the Filipino would fucking scratch his balls. Besires there are a lot of Koreans who have more´╗┐ guts than lazy ass Filipinos. These Filipinos who are balat sibuyas are fucking idiots."

You see that reality?

The fact is, we are peoples on the planet Earth and we have our differences. Don't make fun of other races imputing things totally different on them. Accept the things of what really we are then make up on it to make things better or rather help each other to make this world a better place to live in.

ehehe, puyat na talaga ako.. bukas ko na i-edit 'to pag sinipag ako, nyt! nyt!

Have a good day folks!


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